Sunday, March 8, 2015

One shade of grey


3 weeks since the last update, not because life is down.. but because March is for snowboarding! :D

Back from my first snowboarding trip, so I thought it was time for a new photo and video session of me doing my usual thing.. getting myself in a cute dress and sexy high heels.. slapping on some make-up and transform myself! :P.

I know some of you don't mind all this indoor business... but me personally, I'm getting rather bored with it as it is sooo limiting!

So, I'm hoping for nice warm sunny weather in the Netherlands at the end of March or in April. And if it doesn't happen, then I'm just gonna pack my suitcase and travel to a tropical sunny island! :P

I would feel like such a glamour model.. doing shoots in the sun at the beach while sipping cocktails. Ah well.. a girl can dream, right? ;-)

But first... a second trip to the snowy mountains! So.. probably no more fashion updates this week, though perhaps some pics from the first trip. :)

Still testing my new video camera and it seems to be working all-right, I guess. :)