Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just in before April


Hi all! I hope you all enjoyed a long Easter weekend. If it was anything like in the Netherlands, there were 4 days of relaxing and enjoying quality time with friends and family!

Again, my my last post was from 2 weeks ago, but that was because last week I spent a week snowboarding again. This time, I spent a week in Austria.. in the Zillertal to be exact. I will probably dedicate a small blog-post to it in a couple of days. So for now, let me just say that it was a great week with one perfect snowboarding day! One that definitely doesn't happen every trip. :-D

Apparently, this weekend.. the weather forecast says it will be warm and sunny. And that means, photo and video shoots time! It also means, that it's time for my last outfit post of my France holiday. There is more stuff.. but this is what I wanted to show.

For me, the sunnier it gets, the brighter and more conspicuous I like my dresses and shoes to be. And I would say, this outfit ticks off all those boxes!

I like this shot because it shows the view above our holiday villa. One thing's for sure, I won't find a view like that in the Netherlands! I really need to start planning my next summer holiday! :-)

I hope you enjoyed this series of holiday blog-posts! It's not something I do often when I'm on holiday, but this time.. I really stuffed my suitcase full of fashion, changing outfits 2, sometimes 3, times a day!

Next post will be have some shots of the snowy goodness in Austria and after that.. programming as usual with outfits photographed and filmed in the Netherlands. I hope that won't be boring! ;-)

Again, just a few clips from this outfit as we were running out of creativity and inspiration. :-P

Monday, March 14, 2016

The last few days in France - a simple top and skirt outfit


Yikes! I can't believe it has been two week already! Times flies when work is hectic and there are lot family and friends event to visit.

In a couple of weeks.. I will be snowboarding again, so like I mentioned before.. I'm just gonna go ahead and post all the remaining holiday pics in the upcoming posts.

I usually find dresses much easier to deal with. Either it fits or it doesn't.. and either the colours work or they don't! Combining skirts and tops, that usually much harder for me.

So what's your opinion on the length of the skirt? I know I usually go for shorter.. but I thought this was nice too.

The holiday villa had a nice garden (with swimming pool!) and lots of plants and flowers, so why not take a (totally not posed at all :-P ) shot of me smelling them?

This was pretty much at the end of the holiday when the photo-shoots were short and simple, so that there was more time for relaxing!

And obviously, the video clips were also shorter! :-P