Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 outfits with your average white top

This sentiment may sound like a first-place contender for the National Open Door competition, but one of my favourite things about dressing up is the actual dressing part... or to be more specific.. the clothes!

And by that I mean every part of the process: thinking about clothes, creating outfits in my mind, shopping for all the different items in those outfits. Of course, as soon as I've gotten my freshly manicured hands on the items, the best part is the actual trying on of said outfits!

What I also love.. is that there is no real right and wrong with creating outfits. Sure, there is the occasional fashion faux-pas.. but even then, you will find at least a few dozen of people who actually like your outfit.

(wait, are you telling me that there isn't one singular opinion about everything???
this truly is stunning brand new information!)

Anyway, ever since I finished my walk-in closet, I realised how much stuff I actually possessed.. and armed with that insight, I was determined to do less shopping for new stuff and more combining to create new outfits with whatever I had hanging.

My first mission, which I chose to accept, was.. to create a number of outfits centered around a white top. This, of course, with spring and summer in mind.. the seasons that usually go hand in hand with high temperatures.

The first outfit: I combined the top with a grey skirt. A black skirt would have been nice as well.. but with a white top, I'd feel too much like waitress (though I haven't seen that many waitresses wear 5 inch heels). Since I was going with the grey theme, I also chose a darker grey cropped jacket. It was cold outside, so leggings were the obvious choice.

The second outfit: again I went for grey, but now in the form of jeans. This outfit is more for fashionable shopping. I wanted to add brown colours to this outfit, so the boots, jacket and the bag add a nice bit of contrast. A brown belt would've been nice as well, but that just seemed too easy!

The third and last outfit: for this I went double-white... both the top and the trousers! This is what I would wear to work during the spring if a) I also had a lunch-date outside the building and b) a job where such outfits are actually the norm. :-P

Hope you like the outfits.. let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2500+ subs on YouTube, compilation video with stuff from 2007 to 2013

In my never ending quest for world domination,... a long time ago, I started a YouTube channel.. 2006 to be exact. I only started uploading in 2008.. but the oldest existing video material of me is from 2007 of me in my living room moving my hips like an idiot! :P

I actually did post quite a few unaltered clips, straight from my camera onto YouTube as pretty much everyone did during those times. Editing? Adding music? Exercising a bit of restraint with all those longs clips? Nah... filmed it.. post it! :P

Anyhoo, despite the amateurism, people actually watched the stuff.. and since I started uploading again 3 months ago in November, new people have subscribed putting the total number over 2500! Now, I know that's not a lot in the grand scheme of YouTube things, but it's very encouraging and it does make me very happy. :)

So, while I am trying to film more stuff (hopefully soon with a rig and less shakiness), I thought I'd celebrate this small milestone with a compilation of all the old stuff I dared to post on YouTube in the last 6 years.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another outfit for work (someday)

Who doesn't love a good discussion about what to wear at work, right? I'm glad my current job actually doesn't require me to wear suits and ties.. as I would find that way too uncomfortable for doing my daily things. It's also funny how my mentality about these things changes a whopping 180 degrees (or π if you like radians) when it comes to female fashion.

I guess my ideal situation would be that as soon as I wake up and hit the showers.. I would have total freedom in what I'd wear for work. Nothing beats a business-length LBD with either some nice boots.. or to spice it up a little bit.. some red pumps!!

Knowing myself though.. I'd be too lazy to actually do this every morning.. but I would sure like to be able to show up at work dressed like this. Say hi to my colleagues, have my first cup of coffee.. and then get started.

This video was shot a few months ago when I was still trying to figure out the important things for shooting suitable material. Still a bit of shaky-cam, but I hope to have a DSLR camera rig in the near future. That should smooth and stabilize videos quite significantly!

With this video, I've also gone through all my usable material. Guess I have to start shooting new footage soon!

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's my 17th birthday!

That doesn't mean I'm 17 though! :-P

Just that 17 years ago was the first time I fully dressed up.. dresses, skirts, blouses and heels. And that I started using more make-up than a little bit of lipstick. And that for the first time, I looked into the mirror.. and saw a young, insecure yet somewhat pretty woman smiling back.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment Natassia was born!

I knew I was different at age 4.. and like most.. I did try to wiggle into my mom's dress on occasion. And there was a brief moment during my teenage years that we shared the shoe sizes. However, I always saw myself as a boy in a dress (the fact that I had a moustache from age 12 to 19 didn't help of course.. :-P )

Anyhoo.. there are and have been many people who have greatly contributed to the evolution and progression of Natassia, but I don't think I would have gotten that early start if it weren't for my ex-girlfriend at the time. As soon as I told her, she was so accepting and supportive! She gave me clothes.. we went to the stores together to buy make-up and shoes. She taught me the principles of make-up.. and she basically showed me that I could look like pretty girl! :)

How time flies.. and if I knew then what I know now.. I'm pretty sure I would have done a lot of things differently!

Alas... that's not possible.. so I'll just have to settle for doing as much in the time I still have! :)