Monday, January 18, 2021

Pretending it's summer: white dress with white stiletto heeled sandals


So we're already in our third week of 2021.. ooh boy! This wasn't really the start of the year that I was expecting! Over here in the Netherlands, our government has fallen and over in the US, some idiots tried taking over their government. :-O

I hope that for all of you who actually read this.. your year has gotten off to a better start.

Education activities have started as well.. and these first couple of weeks have been hectic!

I did have some glamorous moments these last few weeks, but I also think these winter months are good for cleaning out the hard-drive.

So, here is me dress in a white dress (one that is not suitable against red pasta sauce)! :-P

And pretty much the only reason I wore this dress that day, was because I wanted to wear these white stiletto heeled sandals! They were on sale from a 100 euros to only 29.. now that's a great deal, right?! :-D

One thing I will definitely be appreciating more in 2021 is the fact that will can hopefully go outside without worries!

 We not out of the woods yet, but the vaccines are here.. so hold on and stay positive!

As always, I posted a new public video on YouTube where I'm walking around in amazing sandals! The Patreon video is longer.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)