Sunday, March 26, 2017

A collection of mehs


So, we the weekend just flew by and on top of that.. we just lost an hour because the clock has been set forward again! I need my sleep without the guilt of 'losing' an hour! :-P

Anyway, I did have an enjoyable weekend hanging with friends and family.. even with some dress-up fun, but I haven't yet processed the photos and video clips.

So why not spend a post on some clothing items where my own assessment, after looking at the pics, was a resounding meh!!

The first item was a coat that looked cool and sexy on the website, but the material was so wrinkly is just didn't look cool and sleek. Also, the buttons on the front-side looked and felt very flimsy.. I was afraid that they could snap off any second!

The second item was a grey sweater dress.. and while I loved the fit and how it accentuated my curves, the dress was so itchy. I don't exactly know what it was made of, but for a dress costing almost a € 100 I expect to a sweater dress to feel comfy!

The third item was a faux-leather jacket which I ordered because of the colour! As you can see, it was way too tight.. even though I ordered it in size EU40 (which is UK12 of US10).. which is already a size up from my normal EU38. So yeah, a swift return was this jacket's fate!

And thr fourth and last item in this post was a dress which fit quite nicely, but I just wasn't enthusiastic about the colour. I don't know if mustard is my colour.

What are your opinions? And do you do this yourselves.. taking photos of stuff you order on-line?

Have a great Sunday!

No new videos, so I'll just link the the last two, because some of you might not have seen them yet. :-)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Two dresses perfect for sunny days - sponsored by Shein


Hi everyone! How is everyone doing? It's Friday.. the weather has improved so tremendously in the last few days, so I can't wait to have a great time this weekend! :-D

I have had a couple of sponsored posts now and it seems to be doing well, since Shein offered me to pick two items from their website!

Because of the continuously bad weather, I had already resigned to the fact that I had to do this photo and video shoot indoor. But lo and behold,.. the sun came out!! I did not know how fast I could get of out my house to take advantage of that opportunity!

The first dress is a short red dress with white and black stripes. I really love striped dresses, especially when it's just a couple of stripes on the skirt part.

I got this dress in size M and yes, it really is short and the material is quite thin... perfect for summer! I was glad I paired this dress with my gorgeous black over-the-knee boots from Steve Madden. ;-)

The second item is an off-the-shoulder floral A-line dress. It's also no secret I love colourful floral patterns. And I do love dresses that show off the shoulders!

I also got this dress in size M and I like the length of this dress! Sure, I like short dresses and skirts, but I also love the elegance that a midi-length dresses provides. Paired with some white heels.. and off to a garden party it is! ;-)

I hope you like these dresses, my short review on them and that you are all okay with me doing these kind of posts. I really want to hear your feedback and opinions! :-)

Again, my experiences with Shein was very pleasant. Anyway, here are the links if you want to check these dresses out!

Have a great Friday!

I was so glad the weather improved so suddenly in the last few days! So yeah.. also sunny outdoor videos!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring 2016 setting an example for spring 2017


Hi y'all! I'm still at it with posting left-over stuff from 2016. It's actually quite fun going through all the outfit photos of last year. Sometimes, I'm really wondering why I didn't post them right away.

These photos also make me realise that last year's spring was lovely and sunny. Perfect for a cute colourful dress like this.

When wearing a dress like this, I usually like to keep the rest simple.. just see my previous outfits. So black heels, black bag and black sunglasses.. and I'm ready. No brain-power required! :-P

And wow.. just look at the pretty green grass and the even prettier yellow narcissus flower! Now that's what spring is all about! :-)

I think I've mentioned my simple black Steve Madden stiletto heels.. 4.5 inches.. and very comfy! So, sometimes, I just have to stop and admire them! :-P

Anyway, the weather was not all bad. Last Sunday, there were, in fact, 4 solid hours of sun!! Oh joy! :-D

As you would expect, I jumped at the opportunity!! I grabbed a friend, grabbed some outfits that were sent to me by on-line web-shops and quickly did a couple of photo and video shoots!

For all of you out there who don't live in a sunny place.. how do you cope with the doomy and gloomy weather?! I really need more sun!

Hope you are having a great week!

You know the drill.. I always try to get a cute little video of my outfits. Nothing special, but I hope you enjoy!