Saturday, December 19, 2015

That awkward moment


I'm sure most of you with a fashion blog and/or Instagram have had this experience, right? Doing your stuff.. shopping, having coffee,.. and then you realise you still want to have a couple of pictures taken of the outfit you're wearing. No big deal you would think, but then you can't find a nice quiet spot and there are lots of people walking around because it's a Saturday evening.

That was also the case this time, so I just decided to get some photos in the middle of the Christmas shopping market and wait for a quiet moment. And of course, right as my friend was ready to snap a few shots, people started walking past me for like 5 minutes!

The look on that guy's face pretty much says it all! Ah well, I don't care.. these things need to be done, right? ;-)

I was in Amsterdam for an interview with a student who was doing research for her thesis. Lots of rain and a strong wind, so I opted for a casual outfit. You know I'm all about being practical! :P

And just in case I don't run into a Christmas tree in the next week, I made sure I had a pic of me with this one in the coffee bar. :)

I didn't go shopping, but I couldn't resist having a pic of me taken with 'SALE' signs on both sides of me! :D

I also took a quick pic at home before I left, just in case there were no photo opportunities in Amsterdam. I have a feeling this will be my main type of outfit for the coming months when I go outside.

And this is me doing the dirty mirror selfie thing. I never realised how difficult it is to get a good selfie in a bathroom! ;-)

And yes, I also brought my video camera.. so finally some new clips!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Casual in over-the-knee boots and.. super ugly curtains


Last weekend, I was at a social gathering, meeting up with girls like me. ;-)

As not everyone at these gatherings wants to be photographed, we left the active area and went upstairs to an empty room (because it was freezing outside).

The first thing that should be quite obvious: those curtains are a bit dated. I don't think they will be on my interior decorating to-buy list when I move to my next house. :-P

As you can see, I don't always do summer dresses and short skirts! I wanted to go for a super casual outfit, but I did buy these awesome grey over-the-knee boots... and since I was wearing a grey cardigan, it seemed like a no-brainer to wear these boots!

Also, these heels are only 4 inches and not the usual 5 inches, so you know I was going casual. :-P

By the way, do any of you wear socks in boots? I do.. especially in winter times, but other girls at the social gathering were super surprised that I was doing that! Regardless, I will do anything for a bit of warmth. :)

So, what do you think of these boots? I think with jeans.. they look quite nice.

Whether I would wear them with a dress or skirt.. I don't know if I would have to courage!

This last shot was made with my smart-phone as I always try to have a few back-up shots in case something goes wrong. You can see that at the end of this impromptu photo-shoot.. it got a bit silly. :-P

We were having a great time during the evening, so I didn't really think of filming inside. Next post will have some new video clips.. promised! :)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mellow with yellow


Don't let the bright sunlight behind me fool you.. it's still friggin' freezin' cold outside! Definitely not the weather for the kind of outfits I'm wearing now. ;-)

As I mentioned in a previous post, whenever I do on-line shopping and my loot arrives, I grab my trusty tripod and camera.. and start clicking. When I'm by myself, it really is the only way to check if my purchase was truly a good one or not.

The black dot near my fingers? My remote control that I'm trying to hide, but which I'm obviously failing at! :-P

While I prefer to do my photos and video outside with natural light, I do like the whole feel of my camera and external flashes being pointed at me. It's like being in a small photo studio! :)

I usually set up the camera such that it takes 10 successive shots after I press the button on the remote. And yes, after 10 flashes.. I'm quite literally blinded by the light.

This time, I did not add any guitars to make things more interesting. Do you have any tips for other props I could use?

Tomorrow, it's Sinterklaas.. so let's see what kind of presents I will find in my shoe!! :-D

I don't really like doing videos inside the apartment.. as they might even be more boring than my outside videos.. at least there.. the scenery changes every now and then. So enjoy the most recent two!