Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lotta black with a pinch of white


I wanted to upload this blog-post at the beginning of this week. But then, after last weekend,.. I got a severe cold and spent most of my time sleeping and sweating in bed.

Feeling better now (even though my throat is still very sore), so finishing up this post and the YouTube videos! And start working on my other social media stuff. ;-)

Here's me on a sunny day wearing my favourite colour: black!! But this time, with some white stripes. Short enough to feel sexy and classy enough for a cocktail party.. or at least, that's what I keep telling myself! :-P

And when one is wearing a black dress.. I like to keep it minimalistic, so I chose my shiny black peep-toe heels.

As you can see, my dance lessons really help! I can turn, twist and twirl in high heels without any problem now! :-D

So, what do you think about this dress.. something you'd wear at a party? Or even for work?

Again.. I can't wait until it's really warm because usually I don't get ill when it's warm!

 Have a great weekend!!

I was trying to get 4 outfits on video on the day of this shoot.. and that wasn't very wise because the video material ended up being short! :-P

Monday, March 4, 2019

Leopard print heels


I admit, this outfit is from a while ago, because the weather outside is nothing like the weather portrayed in these pics! :-P

This outfit falls in what I would call the business student category. When I was studying physics, none of the other female students dressed like this!

But if I go to the campus of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I see a lot of students dressed like this. Yes, even wearing shoes like these leopard print heels!

I'm sad to say that I don't have the blue jacket anymore, but still have this grey dress (in fact, I have quite a few).

And I rarely get rid of my heels, so yeah.. I still have these leopard print heels from Steve Maddden, so.. I'll be wearing a 2019 version of this outfit! :-D

Are there any shoes/dresses/accessories that you just cannot part ways with?

Anyway, back to current day.. where outside the rain is falling and the storm isn't stopping!

 Happy Monday!!

Just a video of me walking around the campus.. I wish I was a student again! :-P