Monday, January 27, 2014

Looking forward to summer!

As this country is preparing for a bit of late snow (or as some are calling it: the epic next ice age!), I'm already with my head thinking about spring and summer 2014! Shopping online for summer dresses, absorbing styles from girls all over the Internet. It also made me remember the few times I went out hanging with friends all across this country.

My friends are the best, by the way! Not only are they willing to put up with me driving around.. but they will also take photos and videos of me. I can't thank them enough.

It really was very warm that particular day, even for me, so I opted for a thin green summer dress that I ordered from I really love this site as it has so many cool dresses for so little money,.. I mean.. this dress was only 9 euros (12 dollars or something). You can't really beat that.. and I'd rather have a lot of different cheaper clothes than just a few expensive items.

After hanging out at the lake, we went to one of the botanical gardens in the region. All the flowers and herbs have such a relaxing influence.. and I thought I was appropriately dressed with my green dress matching nicely with all the greenery around me.

It was a fantastic day with my friends and I can't wait until I can have more of them this year!

Monday, January 20, 2014

We're on a boat!

Let it be known that I like the sun! I also like warm temperatures.. so late spring, summer and early fall are my favourite times of the year. So during the cold winter days, I love to lie on the couch reading a book or play on my PS3.. or sit behind my PC and do whatever nerdy stuff I'm known to occupy myself with. However, even during the freezing days, I also want to be outside for some fresh air.

So, this weekend I ended up going on boat trip through the waters of Rotterdam with a bunch of girlfriends, followed by high tea that lasted well into the evening!

People who know me will confirm that I love to dress a bit more stylish than your average woman.. even for something as mundane as going to the supermarket. And it will always involve high heels! However, for this trip I took a plate full of sensible for breakfast and ended up wearing booties with a chunky 3 inch heel. Yay for common sense!

I might not always look happy, but I had a wonderful time and I'm so glad I got to spend the whole day with my friends.

You can see the lights of the LUXOR theater in the background. We actually ended up walking on the famous bridge of Rotterdam, the Erasmus-bridge, during the night.. beautiful!

Friday, January 17, 2014

So there are actually people reading all of this?

Hi y'all!

I was looking at the statistics of this blog and apparently, there are visitors! And no, these visits are not the result of my refreshing the page like an obsessive nut.. but actual real persons coming from other sites where I happen to roam around as well!

So yay.. and welcome! :)

As you may have noticed, there isn't much to do and read here.. I'm still trying to figure stuff out.

You may wonder and ask, "what can I expect here if I decide to come back for more?". As the genie in Aladdin says... why don't you just ruminate.. whilst I illuminate..  the possibilities:

  • this will be the hub for my activities, so if I post any stuff on YouTube, Flickr, Lookbook, Chictopia and other sites, you can find out about it right here.
  • I post photos on Flickr, but I don't want to clog the stream with multiple photos of one single outfit. So, if I think that certain photo sets have a few more cool shots.. I might post them here.
  • if I feel like it, I might do some tutorials on how I do my make-up and hair.
  • opinions, rants, being a total fan-girl about something or someone.. if I feel like writing, I will jot it down here.. you can read it and then proceed to disagree with me

Wrapping up.. thanks for stopping by! Come back soon and tell you friends! It will make everyone's life so much better! :P (no refunds or exchanges)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adding YouTube videos

So, adding photos.. check!

Linking all the good stuff from Chictopia and Lookbook.. no sweat!

Then, what else is there to test? The one thing the internet runs on.. videos!

Thus, let's test the link with YouTube.

Here's a video of me pretending to go to work

Monday, January 13, 2014

Trying on my friend's dress

During the holidays, I went to visit a good friend of mine for some shopping, drinking and general good fun! One thing we have in common is our dress size and never let an opportunity go by to try on a few of her clothes.

And of course, pics or it didn't happen, so she took a few! :)

So, Lookbook or Chictopia? Or both?

Alright, I'm trying all these different fashion-posting websites. Even with all the horrendous changes that Flickr has deemed necessary to implement, I still love Flickr because of the community and all the wonderful friends. And I've been lucky and fortunate to have met a few of them,.. friends whom I never would have met in real life if it weren't for this little thing called the Internet! :)

Having said that.. I have also been looking at sites like Lookbook and Chictopia because over there,.. it's more about fashion, outfits, ideas for photo. My previous post was all about Lookbook and how to connect that with this blog. And that seems to work.

Now, it's time for Chictopia and see if that is as easy as 3.1415926..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking at the Lookbook

So, this is me trying to post content from and I want to see if things link out in the right way. Bear with me! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

First post .. yay!

Well, like a true geek, this first post on this blog will be:


can't have geek stuff without binary code

wait for it!

(dramatic pause)

Hello world!

/*/ no actual code was harmed in the printing of this "Hello world!"