Monday, January 27, 2014

Looking forward to summer!

As this country is preparing for a bit of late snow (or as some are calling it: the epic next ice age!), I'm already with my head thinking about spring and summer 2014! Shopping online for summer dresses, absorbing styles from girls all over the Internet. It also made me remember the few times I went out hanging with friends all across this country.

My friends are the best, by the way! Not only are they willing to put up with me driving around.. but they will also take photos and videos of me. I can't thank them enough.

It really was very warm that particular day, even for me, so I opted for a thin green summer dress that I ordered from I really love this site as it has so many cool dresses for so little money,.. I mean.. this dress was only 9 euros (12 dollars or something). You can't really beat that.. and I'd rather have a lot of different cheaper clothes than just a few expensive items.

After hanging out at the lake, we went to one of the botanical gardens in the region. All the flowers and herbs have such a relaxing influence.. and I thought I was appropriately dressed with my green dress matching nicely with all the greenery around me.

It was a fantastic day with my friends and I can't wait until I can have more of them this year!

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