Sunday, November 27, 2016

Forgotten pink and white


It is still November, but soon it will be December again! And for the Netherlands, that comes with a lot of freezing temperatures, wetness (both of the rain and snow variety).. and holidays! First, the Dutch children's festival of Sinterklaas on the 5th and then, of course, Christmas and NYE!

For me, it's already a time to reflect on how tumultuous 2016 has been and also,.. to think about how I did or didn't finish my list of goals. It is also a time, to look at my collection of photo and video material on my computer and start posting some of the outfits that I never got around to.

Now, I really like this outfit! I think the dress is cute with the pink and white colours. And I wanted to style it with only black items.. so choosing the bag, jacket, scarf and heels was quite straightforward.

The trouble that day was that when I wanted to photograph and film this outfit, I couldn't really find an inspiring location. And thus, I didn't have that many interesting and distinctive photos to begin with.

You fashion-bloggers out there probably know that a couple of weeks later, you have so many more new outfits captured on camera! And then you will post those outfits and then other new ones.. and so it goes on! :-P

So yeah, I didn't want these photos to go unused.. because I really loved wearing that outfit on that sunny day! Let me know if this is something familiar to you too. I'd love to know!

Well, this was it for today.. wishing you all a very happy Sunday!! :-D

Sometimes, if the location is not that inspiring, I also find myself lacking interesting ideas of what to do in a video. This next video is probably one of them. Nevertheless, I hope you do enjoy it! :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My second ROMWE sponsored post... indoor due to weeks of rain


So.. apparently, my first post with ROMWE went well and they gave me another opportunity to select a couple of things from their catalogue. And they gave me a 60% coupon code ( RWnatcrys60 ) as well for you!

Again, I chose 2 dresses, a jacket and a t-shirt/jogging pants combo that I will use for my High Heels Dance Classes. Unfortunately, it has been raining for weeks now in the Netherlands, so no opportunity to wear and photograph these clothes outside in nice daylight conditions.

Thus, crappy indoor conditions it is!

The first dress is a simple short black dress with a cut-out. I probably have more Little Black Dresses than I reasonably should, but hey... what's one more on the pile, right?

I got this dress in size L and it is still on the short side. Definitely something for a party or summer's day.. not for a cold day in winter. ;-)

The next item is a pink faux suede jacket. It is a very subdued colour pink (not the bright super sweet pink) and I actually think the jacket looks better when I zip it up. There were some loose hanging fibres that I had to trim, but otherwise.. the jacket (size L) fits well. I would also wear this with a pair of jeans.

Next up is a really pretty butterfly print dress I plan to wear in spring of 2017. I'm a sucker for these kind of dresses, because they create the illusion of hips.. and as I've said before, I need all the help in that department! :-P

Also, this dress was in size L. It's not me.. it's their sizing, I swear!

For my fourth and last item on my list, I again went for something I could use during my High Heels Dance Classes: a set consisting of a striped T-shirt and waist pants.

This was the only item I got in size M, which was a bit better for my confidence. ;-)

Again, my experience with ROMWE was pleasant. I still can't get over the fact that I actually get pick out clothes to try on and to model on my blog and my YouTube channel! And the 60% coupon code ( RWnatcrys60 ) is always a great thing.

You all know I much more prefer filming outside. There's more variety in locations, I can actually walk and twirl and do stupid things. And I think daylight looks better on me than artificial light. Alas, the weather did not cooperate.. so I hope you still enjoy this indoor haul video that I made at home. :-)

Friday, November 4, 2016

All about balance


It's November.. and it's getting colder. I noticed I have trouble getting out of my warm cozy bed.. and when I'm under the hot water streams of my shower, I just want to stay there forever!!

October in the Netherlands was a weird month. It was cold, but in the sun.. it wasn't too bad. I could even pretend it was summer. :-P

Anyhoo, in one of my Instagram posts ages ago.. I showed this dress in my bedroom. My intention was to wear it during this summer, but somehow I never felt like it. You ever have that feeling?

Work has been crazy again and my boss has suggested that I should start following management courses, so that has been asking a bit of my time. Fortunately, I know how to keep my balance!

Speaking of balance, while I was filming.. I was doing a little bit of swinging with my legs like I would do during karate practice. It might not be the most charming look, but I never take myself that seriously.. so I took some still images from the video (that's why the quality is a bit lower).

Now that you're done laughing.. back to the normal pics! :-)

In a couple of weeks, it will most likely be way too cold for dresses and bare legs, so I expect to be wearing my jeans, leggings and tights more often.

To my US American friends, how are you all holding up with the election frenzy? 

I believe in democracy, so go out and vote! :-)

So, how will your outfits change with the winter coming? Also, if you're from south of the equator.. I want to visit you when it's summer over there! :-P

I wasn't feeling particularly creative while filming this outfit.. so that's why I started kicking. :-D