Saturday, January 25, 2020

Black leather dress.. and the eternal question: black or red heels?


January is almost over and here's my second post of the year. How did 2020 start for you? I started my new job and so far, it's been very nice! In a couple of weeks, I'll be going on my snowboarding trip (don't know whether this will be the last one.. this all depends on the new job).

Anyway, about this leather dress, I really liked it when I saw it online! :-D

As soon as it arrived, I loved the fabric.. the smell! And as soon as I tried it on.. I felt so powerful!

Of course, when wearing a leather black dress like this.. the age-old question is: "Should I wear black or red heels with it?"

To settle this question, I asked my audience at Instagram. And they responded!

43% liked the outfit with black heels.. but more importantly: 57% preferred the red heels. Can't say I was surprised but I still love the black heels myself. It just makes my legs look soooo long!!

My plan is to do another leather outfit photo/video shoot at the Belgian village of Doel. Some of you might remember my previous photo/video shoot with the leather skirt and jacket paired with my boots. A lot of people loved those pics and video!!

 Have a great weekend!

No new video this time. I did make a quick home video of me in this dress.. but I don't know if it's worth editing and posting. Let me know! ;-)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

What a surprise.. another polkadot dress for summer!


Yay.. the first post of 2020!! I hope these first 2 weeks are going well for you!

Again, it has been a while since my last post.. but yeah, Christmas, New Year's Eve, starting a new job. You know, the usual. :-P

I will definitely be talking about my new job and why I quit my previous higher-paying job! But for now,... POLKADOTS!!

Totally not feeling winter right now and I just find myself not wanting to go outside for photo and video shoots. Rain and me don't mix! :-P

Anyway, I did wear this dress like 3 times last summer and autumn. It's cute, it's sexy even though it end near my knees. And I will definitely be wearing this coming spring.

And yeah, what better way to end a warm summer's day with a milkshake at Burger King!

 Happy 2020 and all the best wishes to you!

A quick video in the middle of a quiet business district.. ideal for showing off a dress before going to Burger King! :-P