Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bulgaria in a denim dress and strappy heels


It's officially March! There are only 10 more months left in 2018.. and it feels so weird. :-P

My intentions for being online a bit more haven't really picked up.. but.. I did renew that gym membership! So yay there!

So, I've done quite a few things this year, which I did post on Instagram and Facebook.. but I haven't blogged about it. And I will, but let me first mention my holiday in Bulgaria of last April because it was amazing!

It was a short holiday.. 4 days in total, but it was totally worth it. I loved walking around Sofia!

And since it was really warm and sunny, I decided to wear my short denim dress and strappy heels. They might be 5 inches high, but they're perfect for walking a couple of miles around the city! ;-)

We also went to visit the second city of Bulgaria, which is Plovdiv, but I didn't dress up for that trip.. no pics were taken there! :-P

I loved reading about the fact that in Sofia, many of the world's religions and their holy places were located in a small region of the city. I went to visit them all!

Anyone who can read Bulgarian and translate that for me? ;-)

So, after a long walk through the whole city.. I did get tired and I had to give my feet some rest. I might be addicted to heels, but I'm not (that) stubborn! :-P

 Have a great weekend!

My friend did some filming with my camera.. I think the quality still holds up. Let me know what you think!