Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colourful dresses - part 3 - blue (not feeling blue though)

In the video with the coloured dresses, I showed three of them. We already had two of them, so logic dictates that there's still one left to show and then that's it! Don't worry, I will still be wearing coloured dresses or sharing them here, but variety is the spice of life.. and she who controls the spice, controls the galaxy, far far away!

This dress is really what I consider a happy summer dress. Probably a bit too sweet and cute for a hip party in the city where you know half of the people are snobbily holding their drinks,.. but ideal for an outside brunch on a sunny day! :)

This one is from Dorothy Perkins and I ordered it on-line few years ago. The only thing I really need is a cute and matching belt to give it a bit of shape. It can be worn without a belt (click here to check out that outfit), but I do like the positive effect it has on my waist that way.

No surprise with the shoes.. my 5 inch high heels black pumps from Paula Soler again! No way you'll be seeing me wearing ballet flats, even though they would look cute with this dress.

You can see in the photo that I just wanted to show the dress and not that I was going to wear it for the dress of that day. It really got super cold and by this time, I was ready to get back in the house.. change back in my comfy warm clothes. If I actually had a fireplace, I would have spent the rest of the day warming myself at the fire. :-P

Last time I'll be bothering you with this video!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Colourful dresses - part 2 - red (no doubt)

With the previous dress, there was some confusion (especially on my part) about the exact colour of the dress. Fortunately, I got a lot of helpful suggestions.. with either flat-out telling me it was pink or fuchsia. Or people doing CSI-like analysis and giving me computer colour codes: HTML #d71199 (thanks JC!) which translates to "Strong Pink". Now you know and knowing is half the battle! :-P

With this dress, however, there is no doubt in my mind.. this is what I call red with a capital R!

I bought this dress at Forever 21 a couple of years ago when I was in California. Since my host had to work during the day, I figured I'd do some shopping. I instantly fell in love with this dress.. and I was so glad they still had one in my size!

Since it was getting a bit colder, panty hose was required.. and I completed the outfit with my 5 inch Paula Soler heels. I think I've written before how comfortable these heels are. While I have a lot of shoes (and I admit, when I ordered them,.. I was feeling a little bit guilty looking at my wallet), I was ever so relieved and happy that fit perfectly.

You've probably seen the video by now, but just in case you haven't, I have included it for ease of clicking! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colourful dresses - part 1 - purple (perhaps pink)

Black, brown and white are usually my to-go colours.. and while I think those colours look good on me, I admit.. it's a safe choice and things might get a bit boring.

So, every now and then.. I like to mix it up.. and add some colour to my life! This is a cute little dress.. pink or purple (call it what you will).. it does brighten up the place. Ideal for having some cocktails at a hip bar!

I paired it with simple yet stylish black pumps with a modest 4 inch heel. These pumps are designed by Ivanka Trump (yes.. family of the crazy one) and I got them when I visited San Francisco few years ago. And they fit perfectly! 
People sometimes call me lucky when I say that wear a US size 9 (or EU 39, UK 6), but the truth is.. my feet are slightly bigger and wider than that. So occasionally, shoes are too tight.. and a bigger size is too large. So, I was the happiest girl in the world when I tried on these shoes. They were the last pair.. so instead of paying 130 dollars, they gave them to me for 95! Even happier!

Obviously, I also shot some video material. This time, I shot it indoors, so the colours don't look as bright, but trust me..  outside in the sun.. you'll be blinded by the pinky purpleness! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pretty dresses, cocktails and general drinking!

We all love dresses right?! And there are so many types of dresses to choose from.. much more interesting than the average pair of jeans and t-shirts that men usually are wont to wear. So yeah, cocktail dresses, long formal dresses, summer dresses.. I love 'em all! And what I like even more is wearing these dresses while I'm out and about... and fortunately, I don't have to worry about occasions where to wear those dresses as most of my pics on Flickr can confirm. :)

Now, I do have a few female friends who have gorgeous dresses, but never get to enjoy them because they don't wear them! Either they think it's too much for your average birthday party or because they usually just prefer their casual clothing. Whatever the reasons, the end result is that those pretty dresses end up collecting dust in their closets.. and I know we all agree that *that* just cannot be!

The solution? Invent the occasion where pretty dresses are the norm.. such as sipping on delicious cocktails in hip loungy bars! And this is exactly what we did, a few weekends ago. We booked a hotel in a city where the cocktail bar came highly recommend, packed a few dresses and headed out.

This is a simple dress but it is glittery and I combined it with some cute ankle boots.. studded so it fits with the dress. It's still winter, so during the evening/night.. I don't want to wear open shoes. :-P

My friend also wore a very pretty dress and she also applied some make-up.. she looked very pretty! Can't show her face, because privacy 'n stuff... but you can at least see the dress!

The bar itself was very hip and nice.. but it was carnival weekend, so it was relatively quiet.. and seeing as the waitresses also wanted to celebrate carnival.. they actually closed the bar early! So there we were.. chucked out on the streets in our pretty dresses and our high heels! We went back to hotel, but we decided that we still want to party a bit more. So we changed into more casual outfits.. and headed out again to a student bar.

Here we had a couple of nice beers, good conversations and general fun.. and after we got kicked out of that bar because they also started closing.. we finally decided to call it a proper night and headed back to our hotel for a good night sleep. Here's to more of those cocktail parties! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The last one of the videos with white tops

Yes.. we've made it to the end! Not the end of my posting blog posts, pictures and videos.. at least not as long as I have anything to say about it. :P Rather, it's that I finally finished editing the remaining video material of me wearing a white top with a skirt and high heels. Here it is.. enjoy!

Like I said before, I really would love to be in the position that I can wake up and decide to wear an outfit like above to work. Knowing myself.. I'm probably way too lazy to do this every day (read: too lazy to get up this early and prepare myself), but to have that freedom and not worry about a thing.. that would rock!

Oh, let me also take this opportunity to say how comfortable these 5 inch heels are! Sure, comfy 5 inch stilettos, that may sound like an oxymoron.. but really.. these are from Paula Soler, they have a strap and a nice footbed. My shoe size is usually between 39 and 40 EU (6/7 UK, 9/10 US). I bought them online and I took a chance with 40.. and it was a 100% winner! :)

I don't think I have to explain to you, girls.. the euphoric feeling I got when I put these little treasures on my feet!

To finish up this post, let me include the 2 other videos for easy access. That's it for now, hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Average white top: the Sequel!

Speaking of which, they really should do a sequel of Spaceballs!

Let's get these puppies on the road! There were two outfits left that I hadn't yet shown in the videos. Today is the outfit of me in jeans and boots.

Even though for some, the epitome of femininity is wearing dresses and stockings, I actually feel both feminine and practical in jeans and boots. Of course, you won't find me wearing sneakers with jeans anytime soon, because that's where I draw my own personal line. ;-)

I just have to do a little bit of polishing on the third video and then I'll upload that one in a few days. After that, I can bore you with other stuff! :P

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bloglovin stuff

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Just need to put in some hardcore coding stuff into this blog so that it can be claimed.

So really, never mind this stuff. :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Video belonging to the previous post, new video coming shortly!

Alright, this will be a quickie! :)

My last post was about how I tried to create nice outfits revolving around one specific item.. using only stuff from my current collection. Pictures were taken as evidence and studying material to improve and hone my fashion sense.

Of course, these days, if the friend who had the poor luck of having to put up with my shenanigans was still in possession of some spare energy.. I say pretty-please and ask if they also want to shoot some videos.

Here is the first outfit of three: the one where I'm wearing white trousers, a black jacket and black high-heeled booties.

Wait? First of three? Why not combine everything in one video and get it over with?

Well, since I am still a scientist.. I do actually check out the "Analytics" page of YouTube. And I learned that most viewers typically spend 30 to 60 seconds watching a video. So, in this digital high-speed Internet world, I figure that if want to show my outfits properly.. I have to do it in phases. :)

Also, editing videos costs time.. and making a video for one typical outfit takes less time than for two.. or three.

Simple math and your average laziness! :P I will finish the second one during the next few days.