Sunday, March 9, 2014

The last one of the videos with white tops

Yes.. we've made it to the end! Not the end of my posting blog posts, pictures and videos.. at least not as long as I have anything to say about it. :P Rather, it's that I finally finished editing the remaining video material of me wearing a white top with a skirt and high heels. Here it is.. enjoy!

Like I said before, I really would love to be in the position that I can wake up and decide to wear an outfit like above to work. Knowing myself.. I'm probably way too lazy to do this every day (read: too lazy to get up this early and prepare myself), but to have that freedom and not worry about a thing.. that would rock!

Oh, let me also take this opportunity to say how comfortable these 5 inch heels are! Sure, comfy 5 inch stilettos, that may sound like an oxymoron.. but really.. these are from Paula Soler, they have a strap and a nice footbed. My shoe size is usually between 39 and 40 EU (6/7 UK, 9/10 US). I bought them online and I took a chance with 40.. and it was a 100% winner! :)

I don't think I have to explain to you, girls.. the euphoric feeling I got when I put these little treasures on my feet!

To finish up this post, let me include the 2 other videos for easy access. That's it for now, hope you had a great weekend!

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