Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Freezing my buns off in the French Alps wearing my red mini dress


Yay.. another snowboarding holiday that I survived without any injuries! Actually, because of all the snow that fell during the week.. I got to enjoy some rare epic snowboarding days in the powder under a blue sky.

Snowboarding fans know that there is pretty much no better feeling than snowboarding in fresh untouched powder snow! :-D

When we arrived at our destination in Chatel, it was raining a lot. And the wind was blowing so hard.. an actual storm!

So, I actually had no hopes that we would have great powder days and more importantly.. I also had no hopes of doing an outdoor photo-shoot in a ridiculous short dress!

Fortunately, after the rain and the snow, the sun came out for the last two days. So I got dolled up, asked my friend to take some pics in the freezing cold. Seriously.. even in the sun, it was like minus 2 degrees Celsius (like 28 degrees Fahrenheit). :-O

And before you ask... yes, this is yet another red polka-dot dress I own and never wore until now. This dress was like 10 euros on sale.. and I could not have left it in the store!!

I think this whole photo-shoot took about 30 minutes before my legs, feet and fingers were starting to feel numb. We did a quick video.. and I just ran inside, got changed into my swimming outfit and jumped into the jacuzzi!

I just hope the spring will come soon to the Netherlands.. so I can actually start doing my regular photo-shoots without feeling like popsicle! :-P

 Happy Carnaval if you actually celebrate it!

Like I said, I was freezing my buns off.. so my little video consisted just of walking up and down the road before I fled inside! :-P