Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Enjoying the summer in a red mini dress (heels optional)


Right, the Dutch weather service basically expects that it's going to rain for two weeks straight.. so that means that summer's gone as far as I'm concerned. I do hope that there will be an October surprise like last year.. but I'm not counting on it.

It will also mean that soon my outfits will be longer skirts/dresses.. tights and boots.

But for now, I still have photos and videos from my summer outings.. and as you know, I like to keep things really simple. So: a red mini dress, a denim jacket for when it gets colder.. that's it!

As we were headed to the beach, I was being practical.. so I brought sneakers.

And in the sand.. well.. I think that should be quite obvious!! :-P

Nothing beats the feeling of bare feet in the sand! :-D

In the end though, whenever it's possible.. I will always go back to heels!

Who else is sad that summer has ended? Or are you glad is autumn is here? I think I should temporarily move to Australia or New Zealand! :-D

 I hope it's sunny wherever you are!

Wearing my heels, even if it's just for a video on the parking lot! :-P

Monday, September 9, 2019

Another day in Rotterdam, another blue dress


During these hot summer months (not talking about today specifically.. because, damn.. it's cold today!), I still love thicker dresses. The temperatures still drop quite quickly during the night.. and me being someone who's actually never warm.. I appreciate the comfort of a denim dress. :-)

This dress is also perfect with some tights and boots.. but that will be a different outfit post for autumn or winter. I'm not quite ready for thinking about that!

You all know that I live in the western part of the Netherland.. so it's no surprise that once again, I found myself in Rotterdam. I love going there for the food, the vibrant city life and its many locations for photo and video shoots!

Another detail.. not insignificant.. there are a lot of good roads and streets which make it a dream to walk there in high heels. Especially the stiletto heels.

I think I can just copy-paste some of the text.. because last time I also wrote that I was just sitting here. :-P

It's the best way to show off some legs and heels! :-D

This is me trying to look all innocent and stuff... is it working?

Any fans of denim dresses out there? I know I am! :-D

 Have a great Monday.. if that's even possible!

I guess I do most of my high heels walking in Rotterdam! :-)