Thursday, November 27, 2014

To dot or not to dot.. that's the question

This will be another one of those drive-by short blog-posts, since all of the pictures in this set are a bit similar. The winter is getting an early start and especially in the morning.. it's just to freaking freezing cold!

And yeah, I enjoy being warm.. so these months most of my pictures will be indoor,.. unless I go on a tropical holiday! :)

So, this photo-shoot is me in yet another variation of a little black dress, but today.. that's not the point of this post.

Today it's about legs! You all know that when I'm wearing dresses or skirts, I usually go with bare legs. But sometimes I do wear tights.. and as we have established in the previous post.. I love dots, so I was happy as a child when I found these dotted tights! :-D

I get a lot of compliments for my legs, even though in my opinion.. they're far from flawless! They've seen their fair share of scratches and bruises from martial arts and falling off of my bicycle. And there are quite a few scars to prove it. :-P

I do have a few leggings, tights and hosiery in my collection. Mostly, I'm practical about wearing them.. usually when it's either too cold to go with bare legs.. or when I am too lazy to shave them legs. :-P

The heels are cute black t-strap pumps with a 5 inch heel, very cheap from one of the discount shoe stores over here in the Netherlands. While I still want a pair of Louboutins, I'm not above cheap shoes.. especially if they fit and walk perfectly!

Anyway, what's your opinion? With or with tights?

You know I can't be serious *all* the time! :-P

Working on the next bunch of videos, so enjoy the last two!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Red polka-dot dress and red Steve Madden high heels

So yeah.. the theme of this blog-post is RED! :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, corner terrace

I really like all my dresses.. and there is good chunk of those that I love. And then.. there are a few in my collection that I just flat out L-O-V-E!!! :-D

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, outside posing at door

Anyone who's been following my photos on Flickr/Facebook/Instagram or has seen my comments on other people's stuff.. knows that my favourite pattern is the polka-dot. Of course, polka-dot dresses/tops/skirts/tights come in different shapes and sizes, so.. finding something really special is not easy.

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, outside balancing one leg stand

And to make this unequivocally clear.. this gorgeous red polka-dot dress is special, at least.. I think so! It's a dress by the brand Sissy-Boy and yes.. that is the actual brand name.. no joke! :P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, outside against door

The dress is bit more expensive than what I would normally spend on summer dress like this, but it is just such a perfect fit.. it feels wonderful while wearing... it does wonders in creating some curves for my body. So yeah, I decided to keep it.

We're in the colder months now, but as soon as the warmer temperatures arrive in Spring '15, I'll be wearing this again and often! :)

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, backside long hair

These pictures were taken during the same weekend at the summer cottage when I was wearing that LNQSBD. Well.. I say summer, but there was plenty of rain falling down on me trying to ruin my euphoric feeling about this dress! :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, red polka-dot dress, outside posing cute heels

However, not even a tsunami could not stop me from going outside and having my pictures and a small video taken.!

I think this video really shows how nicely that dress flows and moves.. and I think the red Steve Madden heels are perfect with this dress! So.. enjoy this video!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The little not quite so black dress


There will come a day when I will grab all my little black dresses and make one huge photo and video shoot lining up all my little preciouses! But today is not that day! :)

Natassia Crystal natcrys, little black dress, outside posing

This little dress is black.. but some white lines managed to sneak themselves onto the fabric. So, I would dub this... *drumroll* .. the little not quite so black dress: the LNQSBD!!

Natassia Crystal natcrys, little black dress, more outside posing

The LNQSBD. Somehow though, I don't think this abbreviation will last. :-P 

Natassia Crystal natcrys, little black dress, near the cottage

These photos were taken during a weekend at a summer cottage for rest and relaxation. The weather wasn't that great, but it was still quite nice for some outside pictures. (that is.. when the sun was shining)

Natassia Crystal natcrys, little black dress, with purse / handbag

I also did a shoot with a very pretty cute red polka-dot dress and a short purple dress/top thingie. Still editing the stuff.. hope to have finished that at the end of this week still.

Sadly enough, no video material of this LNQSBD, since the sun started setting and it was getting freaking cold!

I just wanted to go inside and take a warm bath! I do have some clips of the other stuff.. and just like the pictures.. and I'm still in the process of editing them, so just a little more patience. ;-)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Purple craziness

Hi all!

If it were up to me, I'd have updates every few days. But yeah.. life is super crazy right now.. good, bad, mostly just incredibly stressful and busy. If I ever feel like it, I might blog about it.. but who wants to read about first-world problems when there are people with serious problems, right?

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing in construction yard

So, when life is crazy.. I say, do something crazy in return! So.. wear a very pretty dress fit for a prom or wedding party and go to a construction yard! :-P 

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, construction yard, orange truck

Now, I do think that the purple dress clashes with the orange/red of the big truck, but I'm really digging the contrast of the masculine construction stuff and the feminine dress and heels. :)

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, in front of truck

I wonder if there are any laws or safety regulations to driving such a truck in high heels. I do know Weird Al Yankovic has a song about it. Just Google it! :-D

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing at school

Of course, I didn't just stay at the construction yard. Just like one of the previous dresses, this is a dress perfect for a school or university prom. So we took this photo-shoot to the stairs of a university building and shot some pics there as well.

Don't ask me how I got on the guard rail! :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside adjusting the dress

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I have not been blessed when it comes to my bust measurements.. so this dress was sliding down all the time. Ah.. another one of those first-world problems. :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing late at night

Of course, a pretty dress like this deserves to be "taped" on video! I do like how the wind plays with the dress! Again, nothing really too special apart from me walking and standing around, nevertheless.. enjoy! :)