Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Black leather with feminine pink


Ah, warm weather in the Netherlands.. it feels so good! Still though, it's never just warm in the Netherlands. Usually, it means 2 or 3 days of warm humid weather followed by showers and thunderstorms. And this week will not be any different! :-P

Anyway, it just means I'm continuously looking at the weather forecast! And then bugging friends to help me with the photo and video shoots. Sounds familiar? ;-)

So with weather like that, a lot of the times I just go for a leather jacket and boots. This way, I'm never too cold!!

I really love combining the super feminine aspects of pink dresses with the edginess of leather! Especially if the leather is black!

This way, we're getting the best of both worlds, right?

I think I've had these boots from Forever 21 for over 5 years now.. and they have never failed me!!

I know red usually doesn't match well with pink.. but these flowers were so pretty!! :-D

 Hope you're having a great week!

In this video, I'm walking in the old harbour area of Rotterdam.. trying to survive the cobblestones in my stiletto heeled boots! :-P

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Spring is for colourful dresses!


Yay!! It's the first of June.. and this weekend has already been so nice and warm. And tomorrow (Sunday), the prediction is that it's gonna be above 30!! I truly am so happy! :-D

This means I have been enjoying the sun, good food (already had a BBQ) and new photo and video shoots!

It also takes me back to the previous summer when I got to wear this gorgeous dress full of all the colours of the rainbow! :-P

And of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't pair them with 5 inch heels. These strappy peep-toe heels are very comfy and I can walk all day in them which I did that day in Schiedam.

What are some of your favourite outfits for super hot summer days when the temperature goes beyond 30 degrees?

And I also wouldn't be me if did not try to do something stupid in heels! ;-)

Of course, I couldn't be doing all of this without the help of my friends!! :-D

 Have a great and sunny weekend!

A little video of me walking along the canal.. the one in Schiedam, not Amsterdam! :-P