Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Elegant green dress with golden stiletto heeled sandals


Hi y'all!! Well.. no two ways about it, infections are on the up and up. The only positive point is that hospitalisations are still stable. Though, I really wish people would behave more responsibly so that next year, we can all go live our lives like we used to do.

If you're reading this, I really hope you're doing okay! :-)

I think you may have noticed that in the precious few posts (here and on YouTube) my dresses have been on the blue-ish side. So it was time for a different colour (that wasn't black or red either).

What do you think of this green dress? Also, what do you think of my pose as if I were a real-estate agent selling this super large mansion? I would certainly buy this from someone like me! :-P

I also decided to wear another colour for my stiletto heeled sandals. I have these in blue, pink, white and black.. but because of my tan, I chose gold. I think it makes my legs look way longer! :-D

Here's a rare photo of my backside. Usually more prominent in my videos when I'm walking away.. but in photos, I'd like to show my face. Don't know if that's the best decision though! ;-)

Don't get me started on my hair.. I know I badly need a visit to the hair-salon. Or perhaps, cut it really short?

As a last part of my session, I thought I'd stand in the middle of a bicycle path and annoy scooters! ;-)

 So yeah, use common sense and stay safe and be healthy!

I posted a new public video on YouTube where I have to get out of the way for an on-coming car! The Patreon video is 6 minutes.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)