Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Summer memories - denim shots with a black bodysuit and peeptoe stiletto heels


Ah, the good ol' days! I used to post twice a month and the world wasn't in a crisis!

Now, I try to post on my blog at least once a month together with a public YouTube video. And.. I could freely go outside my house, meet up with friends and go to bars, restaurants, museums and parties.

Things are different for us now in the Netherlands and I'm pretty sure that this probably the case for you as well.

Couple that with my new job in education and me also trying to find a new affordable house in this crazy market.. and it's not a surprised I didn't even post in September. Life is just so busy and whenever I get home, I just crash on the couch!

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm still healthy and this week, I'm enjoying a well-deserved autumn holiday. So I finally have some time to post all the stuff you have been waiting all these weeks to see! (ahem) :-P

This outfit was actually my comfy outfit of the day after doing a couple of other outfits (including this outfit with shiny red over-the-knee stiletto heeled boots). I was just wearing my flip-flops and then I just thought.. why not wear this with my peeptoe heels. Sometimes, it's so straightforward! :-D

This is all in the city of Schiedam which is a gorgeous little city just next to Rotterdam. I definitely recommend it for a quick sight-seeing tour.

Just make sure to visit it in the summer and when there is no actual pandemic! ;-)

 The numbers are still going up, so please stay healthy and follow the rules!

I posted a new public video on YouTube where I'm walking around in these denim shorts and heels! The Patreon video is longer.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)