Friday, December 21, 2018

Holiday on Lanzarote: high heels on a mountain top


Another fashion post about my holiday on the island of Lanzarote last November!

During one of these days.. after spending most of the day on the beach, we decided to drive up to the top of one of the mountainous hills on the island to see the sunset! Unfortunately, we couldn't drive all the way to the top.. so some hiking was still needed. Oh oh!

Me being me, I didn't choose to do the sensible thing and wear proper hiking clothes. No, I opted for a cute polka-dot dress, bare legs and stiletto heels!! :-P

It is during these times that I'm really thankful for my friends who put up with my shenanigans.. and help me up there and take photos and videos!

Because walking in high heels on rocky terrain.. quite the challenge! ;-)

And I must say.. the view up there was amazing and I am glad that my friends convinced me to walk all the up to the top. Because even in proper shoes and clothing, that would not have been much easier.

I really love my blue sneakers.. and they are the secret how I got up the mountain! :-D

 Almost Xmas.. hope you are enjoying these weeks!!

The sun was setting when we were up there.. so it got cold and windy very fast! :-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday on Lanzarote: polka dot maxi dress


Two weeks since my last post.. but there's a good reason: after months of intense work and family stuff, I decided to treat myself and join friend on a little holiday to the Canary Islands! :-D

We ended up going to Lanzarote and I can say... even in November, it's so nice and warm over there! I'm back in the Netherlands where it's 5 degrees above zero and I'm already missing the 25 degrees I enjoyed on that beautiful island!

Obviously, I did a lot of other stuff than just vain modelling.. but I did manage to convince my friends to take pics and videos!!

One of the dresses I brought with me was this long flirty flowy polka-dot maxi dress. It's sort of casual, but also sort of sexy.. depending on the shoes. And in these pics, I decided to pair them with my pink stiletto heeled sandals from Lost Ink. ;-)

Safe to say.. I was in paradise that week! :-D

 Have a great week.. I hope it's going great!

This dress.. and the wind.. and how it played with my legs, you just have to watch the video to see it! :-)

Friday, November 9, 2018

Feeling blue


I might have used this title before.. but I'm too lazy to look it up! :-P

In my previous post, I talked about how I love wearing different colours. For some reason, blue always stands out.. and I noticed that I didn't have that many dresses and heels that have bold bright blue colour.

Fortunately I saw this cute and cheap dress.. and, after going to an afternoon visit to the cinema, afterwards.. one of my friends took my camera and got a few nice shots!

I also brought my blue Adidas sneakers for a bit of comfort.. but I don't think y'all would be interesting in seeing them, right?! ;-)

I guess the woman in the above pic was wondering what I was doing! :-D

 Enjoy this Friday.. and have a great weekend!

Also filmed a couple of clips.. but something went wrong with the audio, so some of the heels-clicking was lost. I hope this won't happen again! :-(

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pink dress with red stripe at dawn


Not even 2 weeks have passed.. and here's another outfit blog-post and an accompanying YouTube video! There might be hope for me yet! :-)

I love wearing colours (yes, yes.. I mean other colours than black, white and red :-P) but pink is always hit or miss with me. I don't think this dress would've worked for me but the red stripe matches perfectly with my cute red bag. What do you think?

This shoot was after a nice afternoon of other doing social things. The sun was going under as I realised I still hadn't taken any photos and videos of me in this dress!! It's a good thing flashes exist.. because it was way past the 'golden hour'!

As I had actually bothered to get a pedicure.. I wore these very sexy stiletto heeled sandals.. but I must admit: these weren't the easiest to walk in! I need to practice more!

This is my lame attempt at striking a Madonna-esque pose. I hope it made you laugh! :-D

 Enjoy the weekend!

In this short video.. this dress and the wind!!

Monday, October 22, 2018

The summer dress that makes me wish it was summer again!


Ooh.. getting into the swing of things with another post! :-P

So, during this summer.. I went shopping at a specialised store for our community near Amsterdam. And seeing as it was gorgeous summer day.. I opted for a cute high-low summer dress to spend the rest of the day.

While wearing it.. I fell in love with it! The colour, the design, the material.. so soft.. so feminine!

I did do a fair bit of walking.. so I also decided to be sensible and combined it with a cute denim jacket and some Adidas sneakers. Almost a bit sporty chic, eh? ;-)

The nice thing about this dress.. the way it flows with the wind. Just look at the YouTube movie.. so awesome! :-D

In the end though, I've got to be myself.. and that means I had to swap the sneakers for some sexy strappy heels! What do you think? :-)

 Hope you are all having a nice start of the week!

In this short video.. this dress and the wind!!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Leather with a pop of fuchsia


Here's me with another 'clean-up' post. :-P

I love fashion and coming up with outfits... and I love wearing them and modelling them while walking around in my heels. However, when it comes to editing them.. there is always this reluctance. Like I actually don't want to see how the photos and videos have turned out. Do any of you also have this issue? Or is it just me?

So this outfit is from way back.. and it's mostly leather items with a pop of colour in the form of a fuchsia top.

I don't wear hats that often, but when it's really sunny.. it really is hard to get a flattering photograph of the face, especially without some sort of a fill-flash. If I was a little bit better at editing in Lightroom or Photoshop, I could've brightened up my face a bit. What do you think?

I wore this outfit while visiting Eindhoven and the harbour at the Biesbosch in the Netherlands. I don't know if I'm the boating type.. but I could definitely see myself chilling on the deck while sipping on a delicious cocktail! ;-)

So wearing leather in the summer.. yay or nay? :-)

 My family member's medical has improved significantly.. thanks so much for your support!

As always, here's short video of me walking around in this outfit and these very comfy boots (despite the 5 inch heels)!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nothing says summer like polkadots and sandals


Another long time between posts! I'm sad to say that the medical issues of one of my two family members have gotten much worse. On top of that (but way less important in the grand scheme of things).. my job has gotten more stressful and busier than it's ever been!

While this doesn't mean that my social media activities are completely down to zero, it usually means that my fashion blog is the first one to be neglected. I do still post regularly on Instagram and Facebook. And usually my Twitter and Flickr pages can be found with the occasional updates.

Anyway, I did of course go out and do fun things.. so here's an outfit I wore when I went on a photo-shoot with a student who interviewed me for her research. :-)

You all know how much I love polkadot clothes.. whether they are dresses or skirts or tops. I've seen super cute polkadot stiletto heels, but sadly.. they didn't fit. Ah well.. can't have it all, right?! :-P

The beautiful location was near Utrecht in a park. Since it was a warm day... drinking fluids was important. Really enjoyed this mango smoothie!

I'll just keep this post short and snappy. So, which colour do you think is best? Or would you have worn sandals or sneakers? :-)

 I do miss posting on my blog, but family is much more important! Take carel!

These stiletto heeled sandals from Lost Ink are just the sexiest ever! And they are relatively comfy to walk in.. just check the video!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Enjoying hot spring in a red dress


Oh my gosh, almost 2 months since my last post! Despite all good intentions at the beginning of the year, it seems life and work always get in the way!

While I try to keep this fashion blog relatively light and happy.. I have to say that the last couple of months have been turbulent in a less than positive way.

My apartment got flooded because of very heavy rainfall, two family members had serious medical issues and I'm in the process of moving house. On top of that.. lots of issues, challenges and stress at work, so it's not hard to imagine that on most of the evenings.. I just crashed on the couch!

Anyway, I might elaborate a bit on these things in a later post, but for now.. I just want to express how happy I am with the warm weather these weeks! Apart from that whole flooding thing! :-P

With this warm weather, I just love my cheap short dresses.. and I am totally in love with this red one! I don't have to think about coordinating stuff.. and I can just choose whatever colour shoes I want!

So yeah, I put not one but two pairs of heels in my car for these photos. Black stilettos from Lost Ink (my favourite affordable stiletto heels brand right now) and red stiletto heels from River Island (they have so many great colours). I can't help myself! ;-)

I'll just keep this post short and snappy. So, which colour do you think is best? Or would you have worn sandals or sneakers? :-)

 It's great posting again, hope you all are well!

A very short video with both the black and red heels. I need to film more footage!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Colourful dress and uhm.. stiletto heels in the grass


There we go.. another post of an outfit worn on a beautiful day last year.. my hard drive is almost cleaned up! :-P

Last weekend was the first warm weekend of 2018, so yes.. I was outside pretty much the whole time! My next blog-post and video will be about that but I can tell you already: it was wonderful!! :-D

So, on that beautiful day, I was wearing a colourful dress (relatively short), a black cardigan.. and a pair of black strappy stiletto heels. The heels are from one of my favourite brands, Graceland. Not only are they relatively cheap, they are super comfortable.. and I think they're pretty sexy too!

In fact, they're so comfy and stably.. I felt completely confident to walk over grassy fields.

I even have some footage where I'm walking up a hill.. would you like to see that? ;-)

One of the reasons, I was wearing this outfit for this photo-shoot was because I wore this a couple of weeks before this day while meeting a friend in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it was a bit too dark for proper photos.

Anyway, about this location.. it's part of what's called the "Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie" and it was the upgrade Dutch defence line and along this line, there are many cool forts. Ideal for photo-shoots, I say!

I love visiting other countries, both in Europe and the rest of the world.. but there's so much to see and visit in this tiny country called the Netherlands! And I really hope this spring and summer will be warm and sunny so that I can visit a lot of those places.

So, do you have any suggestions on what places I can visit for photo and video shoots? Let me know! :-)

 Wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed the warm weekend!

This video is less of about walking in heels and more about the gorgeous views that make the Dutch landscape!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Boots in the French snow


Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones. And I also hope you didn't fall for any April Fool's jokes! :-P

So at the end of January, I went to France on my first snowboarding trip of the season. Most of my days were spent in snowboarding outfits, but I did find some time to get dressed up! ;-)

Just look at all the snow!! According to the villagers of Les Arcs, it hadn't snowed like that in 30 years!!

For my outfit, I chose for striped tights, a warm burgundy dress, an even warmer black coat and a cute hat!

And yeah, it's me whom we are talking about, so I couldn't wear flat shoes! For this occasion, I chose my super comfy over-the-knee boots. They do have a 5 inch heel, but the boots also have a little platform, so it was all good. However, the other people thought I was crazy! :-D

And I would be lying if I said I wasn't freezing my buns off! :-P

The above pic shows how high the snow stacked up.. I'm 1 metres and 70 centimetres and the snow was higher than that!!

I did manage to get a couple of indoor pics without the coat, so you can see the simple cute dress I was wearing.

I did go on a second snowboarding trip in the beginning of March, but to Austria this time. However, on that particular trip, I did not pack dresses and heels! :-P

 Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Making films while it's snowing.. very challenging! Props to my friend!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bulgaria in a denim dress and strappy heels


It's officially March! There are only 10 more months left in 2018.. and it feels so weird. :-P

My intentions for being online a bit more haven't really picked up.. but.. I did renew that gym membership! So yay there!

So, I've done quite a few things this year, which I did post on Instagram and Facebook.. but I haven't blogged about it. And I will, but let me first mention my holiday in Bulgaria of last April because it was amazing!

It was a short holiday.. 4 days in total, but it was totally worth it. I loved walking around Sofia!

And since it was really warm and sunny, I decided to wear my short denim dress and strappy heels. They might be 5 inches high, but they're perfect for walking a couple of miles around the city! ;-)

We also went to visit the second city of Bulgaria, which is Plovdiv, but I didn't dress up for that trip.. no pics were taken there! :-P

I loved reading about the fact that in Sofia, many of the world's religions and their holy places were located in a small region of the city. I went to visit them all!

Anyone who can read Bulgarian and translate that for me? ;-)

So, after a long walk through the whole city.. I did get tired and I had to give my feet some rest. I might be addicted to heels, but I'm not (that) stubborn! :-P

 Have a great weekend!

My friend did some filming with my camera.. I think the quality still holds up. Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 15, 2018

At the beach in a studded denim dress and pink heels


First new post of 2018! One month since my last post in December.. and I guess my resolution to post more often is not going too well! :-P

Which reminds me, renew gym membership!

Anyway, most of you know that when it comes to dressing up and going outside to have photos/videos taken, the winter is not my best time! So here's a dress that I wore during last summer while visiting the beach.

I love this dress so much.. it's short, it's the right shade of blue.. and it's shiny! :-D

Even though I love boots.. especially the over-the-knee kind, these kind of strappy heels are a big part of the reason I'm such a fan of the spring and summer!! ;-)

I went to the beach with a couple of friends who graciously helped me with my photos and videos! And before you ask.. no, I did not walk in the sand with my heels! :-P

I love staring into the sea.. it brings up feelings of adventure. Though I don't think I would be pirate material. Not that I would turn down a role in Pirates of the Caribbean!

So, this beach was in Hoek van Holland from which you can take the ferry to England. Apparently, it's not even 9000 km Shanghai. I'd rather take the plane though.

Nothing beats the feeling of having the wind blow through your hair! :-D

 I hope everyone had a great start in 2018!

So yeah, filming at the beach, without a proper microphone equipped with a dead cat to remove the noise.. a challenge! I hope you still like the video though!