Sunday, December 17, 2017

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum in a grey sweater dress and boots


Wow.. it's almost 2018! There is only Christmas and NYE between this year and the next one! Sad thing is that for me, it seems like this year just flew by so quickly. And I never really got to experience it fully. I mean,.. I'm sure that if I made list of all the things I've done in 2017, it would be a long list. But it was almost like I was looking at it from the perspective of an audience member. Do I make sense?

Anyway, enough rambling! One of the things I always do enjoy and experience to the fullest.. are my visits to museums. And last month, it was time for a visit to the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.. home of the famous Night Watch painting by Rembrandt.

Unsurprisingly with the weather these last months, I opted for boots and tights again. This time though, I took my grey boots (by Buffalo again.. I just love that brand!).

And to keep myself warm, I wore a grey sweater dress and black coat. It worked perfectly.. especially after a hot cup of coffee! ;-)

So during the warmer months when I jog regularly, I can actually reach speeds of 15 km/u (about 9 miles per hour for you Yankees). But I don't think I can reach those speeds in these heels.. so I don't think I'll risk breaking the speed limit considering the blue sign behind me! :-P

You know me.. I love wearing heels, but they do make a lot of noise. Fortunately, there were lots of people admiring the Rembrandt (on the right). And the Rijksmuseum is probably the most visited museum in the Netherlands... so nobody heard me anyways! :-P

Never let it be said that I don't like to be the centre of attention!

Just imagine if I could have the museum to myself with these marble floors! The sound would be mesmerising! :-D

As per usual after a day in Amsterdam, we always head to the Bijenkorf to stare at some beautiful shoes and to have some dinner. One day.. I might actually buy myself some 700 euro shoes, but it was not that day! :-P

By the time of these last 2 pics.. it was already 8 o' clock and it started to rain a bit, so we quickly went back to our cars and concluded another lovely day in Amsterdam! ;-)

 It's been a while since my last post, so I truly and sincerely hope everyone is doing great!

Hope you enjoy the video of me in Amsterdam and in the museum.. it's still without my new microphone, but the sound should be okay!