Saturday, October 22, 2016

In her natural habitat :-P


Hello! Hope you are all having a great weekend! :)

Thank you all for the wonderful response to my last post! I know that some of you will always be wary about these kind of posts, so I hope you I can always have your trust that I will always be honest about my opinions and collaborations. :)

This will be a shorter post on how I still love shopping in actual stores the most (even if I do a lot of on-line shopping). It's definitely no secret that I love shoes.. and there no better feeling than going into the shops and be surrounded by wonderful (and expensive) heels!

Before this little shopping excursion in the Bijenkorf (which is Dutch for beehive), I had a great day at the Amsterdam Museum with first-year Social Work students who will also be facing LGBTQ issues when they graduate.

And any time I can make a contribution to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance.. I will gladly participate! :-)

I always love walking and shopping the Amsterdam Bijenkorf store, since it's one of the few places where I can get that high-class luxurious feeling. Sure, some of the brands will probably never be in my possession, but just soaking up the atmosphere is very nice!

Obviously, one brand that I can afford to buy is Steve Madden, so I just had get a shot of me with those shoes.

By the way, did you notice something? The straps of my shoe on my left foot was criss-crossed.. that's what you get when you're in a hurry in the morning! :-P

Regardless, I had a great day with my friend Bianca and we ended the day with quick dinner.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you're having a great time!

Doing a bit of walking in the store and Amsterdam, so you might get a sense of the atmosphere. Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Clothing haul from ROMWE - my first sponsored post


So.. apparently, my fashion blog and my YouTube videos have reached monthly view counts such that web-shops have started sending me invitations to do collaborations. One of them is ROMWE, a Chinese on-line fashion shop. They told me I could pick 4 items after which I would make a blog-post and YouTube video about them.

I chose 2 dresses, 1 tunic (which I actually use as a dress :-P ) and a pair of yoga pants. I will give my opinion about them, honest and straightforward as always.. which is why I put the 'sponsored' right there in the title.

The first dress is a simple black dress with some white stripes. I love dresses that have these kind of patterns. And I really love this dress, though I will make two general observations about this dress and the other dress and the tunic:
  1. The length is on the shorter side. I'm 1.70 metres tall (or 5 feet 7 inches) and you can see the hemline is nowhere near the knee. ;-)
  2. The material is pretty thin, so I'd probably only wear these clothes in the warmer months.

Black White Patchwork Short Sleeve Shift Dress - size S
Black White Patchwork Short Sleeve Shift Dress - size S

The next item is a tunic with a black/white/yellow floral pattern. Yes, I know I should be wearing it with a skirt or some skinny jeans, but the weather was just too good (mind you, this is freakin' October!).. so bare legs all the way!! :-P

Cold Shoulder Florals Ruffle Dress - size M
Cold Shoulder Florals Ruffle Dress - size M

By the way, not part of the clothing haul, but a recent addition to my vast shoe collection.. what do you think about those black 5 inch stiletto peep-toe heels by Little Mistress? I think they're so sexy and gorgeous!

Next up is a blue and white dress, a little bit like Delft Blue pottery. I knew when I chose this dress that I would be wearing red heels with this one!

Blue and White China Print Dress - size M
Blue and White China Print Dress - size M

I also added a cute red bag with this outfit.. I really do love the combination of red with the white and blue. Again, the material is quite thin.. so you could my bra pattern up-close. ;-)

The last item on the list are a pair of grey yoga pants with white stripes on the side. I thought.. I still need some yoga pants for my dance classes, so why not pick one now?

Grey Contrast Striped Side Leggings - one-size-fits-all
Grey Contrast Striped Side Leggings - one-size-fits-all

This is a one-size-fits-all.. and I would say that for someone of my length, it probably is a bit too short, but I think I can still do all my moves and exercises with it. So I'm not complaining.. even if I had to pay the actual price (6 dollars).

All in all, my experience with ROMWE was pleasant. The clothes were delivered within 10 days, the quality is what you expect for the prices you pay.. and for me, the items fit nicely. But I will let you be the judge of that!!

I got the clothes earlier this week, but I only had time to film all four pieces of clothing on Sunday. It almost felt like working.. modelling so many items in less than 2 hours!! :-D