Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blue in the city of The Hague


The cleaning out of photo and video material of 2016 still continues, which is actually is convenient because the weather outside is quite misty. Perhaps, I should start each blog-post with a picture outside of my window.. so that you all could see what I am dealing with.

Anyway, about this post: whenever I'm out and about, one can usually find me in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Great cities, lots of nice places for photos and videos.. no doubt about that. However, there are more great and pretty cities in the Netherlands.

And one of them is the city of The Hague, which is considered our political capital.

There are a lot of embassies and international organisations scattered around here and this is evidenced by streets covered with flags, like in the photo below.

And when there are so many colourful flags.. I think it was fitting to wear a colourful dress once again. This light blue one is by Little Mistress and I think it looks quite flattering. One thing that I forgot that day... a suitable bra! So yeah, my bra straps showed. :-P

Combined with a black belt, black bag and black heels.. I kept it simple and straightforward. No fuss, no muss! :-)

When one talks about the Hague, people also mention Scheveningen. And when people talk about Scheveningen,people often talk about the beach and the pier.

But Scheveningen also has a small harbour with lots of shops and restaurants and coffee bars. So we decided to go there to soak up the atmosphere. Perhaps next time, we will visit the beach of Scheveningen.. but then I should not be wearing stiletto heels! ;-)

Next blog-post, I will see if I can discuss another Dutch city.

Happy Sunday!

Of course, with sunny weather like on that day, lots of video material was filmed. I hope this video will give you a quick and pleasant impression of The Hague. ;-)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pinky pinkness


So, it's still cold.. it's still wet.. and work is still busy.. no changes there! ;-)

While I'm waiting for the weather improves (I should consider moving to Spain, Australia or California), I'm cleaning up my computer and posting outfits of my trips and outings of last year.

Gotta make room for 2017, right?

I do hope that's okay (unless there is a secret rule that we can only post recent outfits?). The colour of today is pink.. sweet bright pink!!

I have had a love/hate relationship with this dress because while I do love the colour.. it does show every curve/bumps/belly I have. Last year, I didn't do as much jogging/exercising/karate as I normally do. And with dresses like these.. it shows!

So yeah, I got rid of it. I hope that next person is very happy with this dress. :-)

This is a pose I regularly make when I'm out and about for my photo-shoots:

"What the heck am I doing in field wearing a dress that is meant for totally different occasions?!"

Ah well, the things we do for our photos, right? ;-)

So yeah, a pretty dress, but not for me until I have done a bit more exercise!!

So, for 2017, I need to find a dress in a similar colour, but one that flatters my body a little bit more!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

The video really looks like I was alone in the forest.. almost like a shady amateur horror movie! Don't worry, nothing happened.. it was totally safe! ;-)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tank girl


Hi everyone! It now actually is February and I've returned from my snowboarding holiday. I am happy to report that no legs were broken (or any other body parts).. so as soon as the temperatures go up in this cold cold country (freakin' -4 °C today), I will be looking at the short dresses and skirts in my wardrobe! ;-)

Last year, I went visiting the east of the Netherlands on a beautiful day. And we came across this tank near a military museum.

I'm a peaceful person, but I do love the sheer power and engineering ingenuity of tanks and jet fighters. So, obviously.. I had to take a photo with the tank. What do you think.. am I army material? :-P

You all know me, I'm quite straightforward with my choices in colours and patterns. So this outfit consists of black and white stripes spiced up with a little bit of sexy red colour!

On the way back, we also came across a classic Dutch windmill. A perfect background for another photo, I thought! Then again, when it's sunny.. any location looks good, in my opinion.

Djeez... I look really tiny!!

And I do seem to like this pose! Give me a wall, a fence or a pole.. and up goes that leg! :-)

Have a great weekend! ♥

The campus of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam is always a great location for some video material! Hope you like it!