Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pinky pinkness


So, it's still cold.. it's still wet.. and work is still busy.. no changes there! ;-)

While I'm waiting for the weather improves (I should consider moving to Spain, Australia or California), I'm cleaning up my computer and posting outfits of my trips and outings of last year.

Gotta make room for 2017, right?

I do hope that's okay (unless there is a secret rule that we can only post recent outfits?). The colour of today is pink.. sweet bright pink!!

I have had a love/hate relationship with this dress because while I do love the colour.. it does show every curve/bumps/belly I have. Last year, I didn't do as much jogging/exercising/karate as I normally do. And with dresses like these.. it shows!

So yeah, I got rid of it. I hope that next person is very happy with this dress. :-)

This is a pose I regularly make when I'm out and about for my photo-shoots:

"What the heck am I doing in field wearing a dress that is meant for totally different occasions?!"

Ah well, the things we do for our photos, right? ;-)

So yeah, a pretty dress, but not for me until I have done a bit more exercise!!

So, for 2017, I need to find a dress in a similar colour, but one that flatters my body a little bit more!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

The video really looks like I was alone in the forest.. almost like a shady amateur horror movie! Don't worry, nothing happened.. it was totally safe! ;-)


  1. Lumps and bumps are a pain. I'm trying to get a better figure and there is some stuff that really doesn't flatter.

    Aim For Fabulous

  2. Haha, the struggle is real, what bloggers do for their photos. You look great in vibrant pink. You should probably take Cali off that list cos it was freezing today. Windy too. I tried to do a shoot and boy was it impossible!

  3. Such a loverly outfit. And I love the pink.

    March and May

  4. Ha, there's definitely no rule about old outfit pics (in my book at least!). I think you look great but you definitely have to feel comfortable with how you look in any garment. But I REALLY love that hot Barbie pink on you! You look amazing in that shade!! XO

  5. hello Natassia..what a nice video!...Pink is great on you and you're so very feminine in sway your hips in nice your hair in the wind...what a stunning Pin-up!...what a shinning Star!

  6. Perfection!Love this look!Kisses!!


  7. Looking forward to the next hot outfit! Happy weekend.

  8. I think you look great in that dress, the colour is totaly yours and it looks like it´s made for you.
    But you have to be comfortabel with what you wear, so i also hope the new owner is happy wearing it out and about.
    I´m looking forword for the new pink dress i hope you show us this year...
    And i love to see your videos, every singel move you make says: look at me, i´m proud to be a wonderfull woman and love my live...

    1. hallo have some very nice videos and your outfit are super charming!...the DSC 3403 video with you wearing the red dress is Great! should share more outfit of yours!

  9. I love the colour and the neck of dress, beautiful!!!!kisses