Thursday, November 21, 2019

Yellow and red in noisy Rotterdam


So.. once again, it's been a hot minute since my last blog-post! Sadly, last month. there was a death in the family overseas and that meant that my parents and siblings had to drop everything and book tickets to fly to my family.

While that was obviously a sad occasion, it was very nice to be with all my aunts/uncles and cousins and the rest of the extended family. It also didn't hurt that I was in a tropical country with good food instead of the cold rainy Netherlands.

It's no surprise that during these autumn weeks, I look back to my summer days.. like the one when I wore this bright yellow dress !

If you're reading this, you know I love simple colour combinations: black/white, black/red, etc. Yellow with red doesn't seem to happen that often, but I really think it looks sexy!

And I definitely felt like a lot of people were noticing my outfit, so I guess it is quite uncommon!

Have you ever worn an outfit that made you feel super conspicuous?

Alright, I really need to start taking pics and videos of my autumn outfits!

 Hope this week is going super for you!

I apologise for all the noise in the video.. it's Rotterdam on a hot summer's day.. whadya gonna, right?! :-P