Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dottiness in blue


People who follow me on my Instagram might have seen that I wore a cute little polka-dot dress to a social event. It was quite a blurry pic which happens a lot if you use a smart-phone indoors.

So, I thought.. what's the harm in wearing the same dress the next day.. with a friend.. into sunny Rotterdam.. and take lots of photos?!

As it was an unusually gorgeous day.. we took a lot of photos and video, so I apologise in advance for all the photos in this post. Normally, I think 3 or 4 photos is enough! :-P

This part of Rotterdam is near the Erasmus bridge and this is a very busy and happening spot where you can walk along the canal with lots of nice place to eat.

The bridge itself is quite an iconic part of the skyline.. and love it or hate it, it does make Rotterdam instantly recognisable! :-)

About the dress itself,.. I guess it's no secret that I like polka-dots! It's also no secret that I love high heels! :-P

I think the blue and the pink go nicely together.. no PhD required to figure that one out! :-P

And even with all the posing.. I try to take myself not too seriously!

And just to drive the point home with this last photo.. I was in Rotterdam!

 Hope the week is going well.. just 3 more days!

I think a lot of people will be quite curious to see how I manage to walk in these super-high pink stiletto heels. Take a look and judge yourself! :-P

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The trusty LBD


Another gorgeous weekend in terms of sun and blue skies!! :-D

Life has still been super busy with mostly work-related stuff, but it seems to be slowing down and I have made a conscious decision to actually enjoy this weekend without the worrying and guilt. I mean, life should be a good balance between work and fun, right?

Usually, I have plenty inspiration for outfits.. but sometimes, my brain just won't cooperate! And then, it's good to know that I have a couple of little black dresses that I can always rely on!

I do try to add a little bit of colour.. sometimes a belt, sometimes a bag. This time, it was time for the jacket to provide the red pop!

These yellow stairs are near the train station of Rotterdam and I thought it contrasted nicely with black. Lots of people wanted to use these stairs.. so I was grateful for their patience! :-P

By the way, white dresses.. so hard to keep clean and smudge-free! Eating becomes a really challenge.. especially when red sauce is involved. :-P

In my last post, I wrote that the good weather would probably lead to more posts.. but I guess I should revisit that theory!

 Have a great weekend!

I saw these stairs and I had to walk up them in my heels! :-P