Saturday, November 28, 2020

The perfect autumn outfit: skinny jeans with a leather jacket


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is still doing well! It's November and we're about to leave the mess that is 2020 behind!

I for one, can't wait for life to go back to normal again, even though there are no guarantees that 2021 will actually deliver that.

So while social distancing and wearing masks and self-quarantining has brought me down.. I am grateful for my small social bubble. And fortunately for me, that includes my friend who takes most of my photos and videos! :-D

And what better outfit to wear for just going out and about during the cold November weeks than some tight and warm skinny jeans with a chic leather jacket.

I actually use this outfit a lot whever I want to glam it up a little bit while doing errands. And yeah, my heels still do attract attention when I'm at the supermarket! :-P

At the end of the day, I actually also changed in to my shiny fetish boots.. but that video is for my Patreon supporters! :-D

I wonder if you can recognise the two cities I was in when taking these photos.

One of these months, I should probably do a photo-shoot in the inner-cities of both of them! ;-)

 I hope your Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping were great! And please stay safe and healthy!

Again, I posted a new public video on YouTube where I'm walking around in these skinny jeans! The Patreon video is longer.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Summer memories - denim shots with a black bodysuit and peeptoe stiletto heels


Ah, the good ol' days! I used to post twice a month and the world wasn't in a crisis!

Now, I try to post on my blog at least once a month together with a public YouTube video. And.. I could freely go outside my house, meet up with friends and go to bars, restaurants, museums and parties.

Things are different for us now in the Netherlands and I'm pretty sure that this probably the case for you as well.

Couple that with my new job in education and me also trying to find a new affordable house in this crazy market.. and it's not a surprised I didn't even post in September. Life is just so busy and whenever I get home, I just crash on the couch!

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm still healthy and this week, I'm enjoying a well-deserved autumn holiday. So I finally have some time to post all the stuff you have been waiting all these weeks to see! (ahem) :-P

This outfit was actually my comfy outfit of the day after doing a couple of other outfits (including this outfit with shiny red over-the-knee stiletto heeled boots). I was just wearing my flip-flops and then I just thought.. why not wear this with my peeptoe heels. Sometimes, it's so straightforward! :-D

This is all in the city of Schiedam which is a gorgeous little city just next to Rotterdam. I definitely recommend it for a quick sight-seeing tour.

Just make sure to visit it in the summer and when there is no actual pandemic! ;-)

 The numbers are still going up, so please stay healthy and follow the rules!

I posted a new public video on YouTube where I'm walking around in these denim shorts and heels! The Patreon video is longer.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Elegant green dress with golden stiletto heeled sandals


Hi y'all!! Well.. no two ways about it, infections are on the up and up. The only positive point is that hospitalisations are still stable. Though, I really wish people would behave more responsibly so that next year, we can all go live our lives like we used to do.

If you're reading this, I really hope you're doing okay! :-)

I think you may have noticed that in the precious few posts (here and on YouTube) my dresses have been on the blue-ish side. So it was time for a different colour (that wasn't black or red either).

What do you think of this green dress? Also, what do you think of my pose as if I were a real-estate agent selling this super large mansion? I would certainly buy this from someone like me! :-P

I also decided to wear another colour for my stiletto heeled sandals. I have these in blue, pink, white and black.. but because of my tan, I chose gold. I think it makes my legs look way longer! :-D

Here's a rare photo of my backside. Usually more prominent in my videos when I'm walking away.. but in photos, I'd like to show my face. Don't know if that's the best decision though! ;-)

Don't get me started on my hair.. I know I badly need a visit to the hair-salon. Or perhaps, cut it really short?

As a last part of my session, I thought I'd stand in the middle of a bicycle path and annoy scooters! ;-)

 So yeah, use common sense and stay safe and be healthy!

I posted a new public video on YouTube where I have to get out of the way for an on-coming car! The Patreon video is 6 minutes.. so check out Patreon if you want to see that version and also.. support me! ;-)

Friday, July 31, 2020

A simple blue dress with some simple pink heels


Well, there could be a good chance that I spoke too soon in my last post (almost a month ago). Since the measures and restrictions have been softened, the number of new corona-cases.. as expected.. have been going up. It's not a second wave yet, but we all have to be careful. I kinda like going outside and enjoy the sun. Oh, and I also kinda like people not getting sick and dying.

Anyway, changing the subject to something lighter.. you might have noticed in my outfits that I love the colour blue! :-)

The nice thing about blue is that is combines pretty nicely with a lot of colours and pink is one of them.

To test that theory, I phoned a friend to help me with the photos and video.. and we drove out to the coast (you can see the ferry to England). These days, I'm a practical person.. and I take my heels off when I walk through the green grass. I'm just too worried I will damage them!

You might have seen the cropped version of this pic of me sitting there.. and if I may say so myself, I do like my joke that I posted about heels on the rocks. Though whisky on the rocks is really good too! :-D

And here's me being practical again.. I think I have like 5 pairs of Adidas sneakers. The only type of sneakers I think have a kind of sporty feminine vibe going on.

Oh, another question: do you think I should've change my nail colour for these outfits?

Just in case you were wondering about the other pair of heels: here are my black peep-toe pumps.. super comfy and super sexy! ;-)

 I will keep repeating this: stay safe and be healthy!

Again, we did make a new video where you can see me walking in both pairs of heels! On YouTube, there's a public version of 1 minute and on Patreon, you can see a much longer video!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

First proper photoshoot of 2020: blue white dress and red pumps


Yes! Measures have been less strict now.. and as long as everyone stays sensible, I think for the Netherlands.. it will be alright.

So, I asked a friend who has been healthy for months if he wanted to make photos and videos of me in a couple of outfits. It's also good to mention that I have been healthy and feeling good since the beginning of January! :-)

One of the outfits was this blue/white dress.. the colour which closely resemble Delft Blue pottery colours.

Some of you might remember that I wore a dress with similar colours years ago.. and back then I think I combined it with red heels. So why break tradition, right?!

Since I don't really wear heels in my house or at work.. it took a minute or two to get used to walking on pavement and cobblestones again. But as you can see in the video, I think my walk is still okay. You be the judge! ;-)

Anyway, it was fun being outside and I hope there will be more opportunities.

The most important thing is still that we as a planet can beat this crisis.. and I truly hope that this will go as quickly as possible in each country!

Yes, I did change from pumps to sandals because in the end.. I always like wear something strappy. Especially when consuming a delicious beer! ;-)

 Stay safe and be healthy!

And yes, we did make a new video! On YouTube, there's a public version of 1 minute and on Patreon, you can see a much longer video!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Throwbacks during the crisis: leopard print with white stiletto heeled pumps


So, for our part of the world, the Netherlands and surrounding countries, it seems the lockdown measures will be softened. Hopefully, that means we can all go out and do more than just sit inside.

I do hope that we as society can still behave responsibly so that we continue going in the positive direction. And I know, in these current turbulent times, it's hard to not lose hope. I try to stay positive!! :-)

While I'm waiting for the possibility for me and my friends to go outside and do new photo-shoots, I still have some outdoor and indoor content on my PC.

Last summer, I wore this cute leopard print dress with my (now super favourite) white high heeled pumps from Lost Ink. If I can ever find a new pair from that brand, I will definitely buy them in more colours!

These heels are so comfortable and well-balanced, that doing a one-leg-stand pose was super easy.. so I included two photos of me doing that! ;-)

I have been fortunate during these months. I didn't get sick nor did my loved ones. I didn't lose my job like so many did. I could work from home so I didn't go completely crazy.

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering. Whether from this pandemic or other crap that's currently setting this world on fire. I hope better times will come soon!

Is it too early to wish for 2021 to come already?! :-D

 Again, I hope you're all still hanging in there and doing well!

Yay, I did have plenty of video material of me in this dress and heels.. so I made a new video on YouTube!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Throwbacks during the crisis: my leather outfit with fisnets and black pumps


Hey all! It seems that our intelligent lockdown (here in the Netherlands) will continue for at least a couple of weeks. I have not had the opportunity to go outdoor with my friends and do photo/video shoots.

Fortunately, the trend seems to go in the positive direction and if people continue to show good behaviour, we might be out of this mess before summer. And that gives me the opportunity to wrap up all the photos and videos I still have on my computer.. glass half-full!! ;-)

One of my favourite outfits in a long time is this chic and sexy leather outfit. It really exudes a powerful and business-like attitude.

A leather skirt and a leather jacket.. with an impeccable white blouse combined with high heels are my earliest memories of sexy feminine outfits. And I am actually surprised that it took me so long to recreate this outfit!

For added feminine touches, I added fishnet tights, an anklet and red nails. The only thing I would change when I will wear this outfit again is making sure my nails are much longer than they are in these photos! ;-)

Again, these days, I'm at home.. either working or chilling on the couch. I must admit that while I can entertain myself at home, I am getting more and more anxious not being able to see my family and friends.

It is hard being alone at home for 6 weeks straight now.

From a glass half-full perspective again though, the air is getting cleaner, no clouds due to pollution thus more sun.. and fuel prices have dropped a lot! :-D

 I hope you're all hanging in there and doing well!

Usually when I post an outfit here on my blog, there is also a public YouTube video. This time however, I originally intended the video to be for my Patreon first.. and later decided to share the photos here. Hope you don't mind!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Throwback during this crisis: floral Spanish style maxi dress with blue heels


Hey all! For those who still read blogs during these times (or even during normal times).. I hope you're doing well and that you and your loved ones are healthy!

It's weird to keep on doing certain things while there are whole countries suffering so much more than the Netherlands. At the time of writing, we aren't in a lock-down situation. Perhaps that will change.. as the spread of this virus really depends on whether people behave responsibly and sensibly.

These weeks, I have been staying inside.. only to go out for groceries and work. All healthy employees at our institute are still allowed in the building, so while I'm still healthy.. I will definitely try to make myself useful.

But no outdoor photo and video shoots for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I'm digging through my archives for photos and videos.. and this outfit was one of the first I really wanted to post!

I really love how this dress makes me feel like a Spanish senorita.. and it made me wish that I was back on the Canary Islands. But sadly, this wasn't Gran Canarias, Lanzarote or Barcelona.. this was just Rotterdam. And it was very windy.. and without sun, it was actually quite chilly! :-O

So yeah, while I'm mostly in my PJs on the couch with my laptop.. I do like to close my eyes and just pretend that I'm outdoors.. doing photo and video shoots!

Anyway.. there a lot more important things in the world and I really hope that 2020 will also be the year of many good things, including the swift end of this crisis!

Really, stay safe.. stay inside as much as possible! :-)

 Wishing you all lots of love!

I did make a small video.. and like a lot of times in Rotterdam, it is very windy and the microphone does pick it up. Watch those ears! :-P

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Freezing my buns off in the French Alps wearing my red mini dress


Yay.. another snowboarding holiday that I survived without any injuries! Actually, because of all the snow that fell during the week.. I got to enjoy some rare epic snowboarding days in the powder under a blue sky.

Snowboarding fans know that there is pretty much no better feeling than snowboarding in fresh untouched powder snow! :-D

When we arrived at our destination in Chatel, it was raining a lot. And the wind was blowing so hard.. an actual storm!

So, I actually had no hopes that we would have great powder days and more importantly.. I also had no hopes of doing an outdoor photo-shoot in a ridiculous short dress!

Fortunately, after the rain and the snow, the sun came out for the last two days. So I got dolled up, asked my friend to take some pics in the freezing cold. Seriously.. even in the sun, it was like minus 2 degrees Celsius (like 28 degrees Fahrenheit). :-O

And before you ask... yes, this is yet another red polka-dot dress I own and never wore until now. This dress was like 10 euros on sale.. and I could not have left it in the store!!

I think this whole photo-shoot took about 30 minutes before my legs, feet and fingers were starting to feel numb. We did a quick video.. and I just ran inside, got changed into my swimming outfit and jumped into the jacuzzi!

I just hope the spring will come soon to the Netherlands.. so I can actually start doing my regular photo-shoots without feeling like popsicle! :-P

 Happy Carnaval if you actually celebrate it!

Like I said, I was freezing my buns off.. so my little video consisted just of walking up and down the road before I fled inside! :-P

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Black leather dress.. and the eternal question: black or red heels?


January is almost over and here's my second post of the year. How did 2020 start for you? I started my new job and so far, it's been very nice! In a couple of weeks, I'll be going on my snowboarding trip (don't know whether this will be the last one.. this all depends on the new job).

Anyway, about this leather dress, I really liked it when I saw it online! :-D

As soon as it arrived, I loved the fabric.. the smell! And as soon as I tried it on.. I felt so powerful!

Of course, when wearing a leather black dress like this.. the age-old question is: "Should I wear black or red heels with it?"

To settle this question, I asked my audience at Instagram. And they responded!

43% liked the outfit with black heels.. but more importantly: 57% preferred the red heels. Can't say I was surprised but I still love the black heels myself. It just makes my legs look soooo long!!

My plan is to do another leather outfit photo/video shoot at the Belgian village of Doel. Some of you might remember my previous photo/video shoot with the leather skirt and jacket paired with my boots. A lot of people loved those pics and video!!

 Have a great weekend!

No new video this time. I did make a quick home video of me in this dress.. but I don't know if it's worth editing and posting. Let me know! ;-)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

What a surprise.. another polkadot dress for summer!


Yay.. the first post of 2020!! I hope these first 2 weeks are going well for you!

Again, it has been a while since my last post.. but yeah, Christmas, New Year's Eve, starting a new job. You know, the usual. :-P

I will definitely be talking about my new job and why I quit my previous higher-paying job! But for now,... POLKADOTS!!

Totally not feeling winter right now and I just find myself not wanting to go outside for photo and video shoots. Rain and me don't mix! :-P

Anyway, I did wear this dress like 3 times last summer and autumn. It's cute, it's sexy even though it end near my knees. And I will definitely be wearing this coming spring.

And yeah, what better way to end a warm summer's day with a milkshake at Burger King!

 Happy 2020 and all the best wishes to you!

A quick video in the middle of a quiet business district.. ideal for showing off a dress before going to Burger King! :-P