Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blue summer dress at the beach


As I've made it clear time after time in my posts.. I live for sun and high temperatures (even when I'm snowboarding :-P ). So recently, when the sun decided to show its face.. I took an afternoon off from work, threw on a short summer dress (loaned to me by a friend) and went to a beach along the North Sea coast.

I really love the fact that a couple of my friends have the same size in clothing.. instant expansion of my wardrobe! I had this dress for a couple of months.. and I wore it inside the house since it's a very comfy dress. I love the red and white details.. it's not something you see that often. :)

Of course, going to the beach means lots of sand and water. And those things don't mix well with high heels, so this blog-post will feature some rare pics of me *not* wearing heels! :-P

And I must admit, it was quite a nice feeling having the sand and water between my toes.. though it is pain to keep the sand out of the shoes. :-P

natassia crystal natcrys beach blue dress

Perhaps I should invest in a pair of stylish high heeled wedge sandals. That way, I can still wear heels and not sink away in the sand!

I know the poses in this post are a bit similar.. but I also wanted to show this last one with the wind turbines. Basically to compensate for the picture in the last blog-post with the nuclear power plant. And as a green environmental person, I prefer wind energy to nuclear energy. :) 

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my posts recently! :D

Here's some footage of me in this outfit walking on the beach and balancing on a rock!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Leather atomic kitten


It's the long weekend of Pentecost, probably the least-known of holiday weekend in the Netherlands.. but hey.. any 3 day weekend is nice! And it means I have time to post something on my blog, YouTube and Flickr.

So, I've always wanted to go over-the-top with leather and dress up like I belong in an apocalyptic science-fiction movie. For this, you need a setting that kind of gives off that vibe.. and fortunately, there is a place in Belgium.. the city of Doel.

This city is almost completely abandoned with buildings that are half torn down. A really spooky atmosphere! And to top it all off, there are cooling towers of a nuclear power plants for that extra touch!

Anyway, the outfit is relatively simple: leather boots with a stiletto heel, a leather midi skirt, a leather jacket. As a contrast, I added a white top (not leather :-P ).

So.. if there are any movie directors out there who want to hire me for their next SF project, let me know! :D

What do you think? Again, probably not an outfit I would wear at the supermarket or to work. But I will admit, I felt really powerful and awesome in this outfit! 

Until the moment comes that a director or producer will hire me to star in their movie, you will have to do with my own small YouTube video! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

There is no business like geeky business


Hiya everyone! I try to make this blog at least a weekly thing, but sometimes work/social/sleep gets in the way. However, the end of my deadlines at work are in sight (should be somewhere in June) and then I can take a long break! :)

So, speaking of work (hah.. see what I did there?),.. I work at a number of different locations and offices, but most of those places are very scientific and the vibe is.. dare I say it.. boring in terms of fashion.

If I'd dress up, I might wear dress like this. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's colourful, not boring and still professional. As always, I value your honest and lengthy opinions!

Perhaps it might be a better idea to wear tights.. and shoes with a lower heel than the 5 inches I'm wearing here? ;-)

And if I add glasses, I look like a geeky nerdy scientist! Which of course I am.. no point in denying it. I do think that I can be both a geeky scientist and a fashion lover at the same time, right? :)

I got a few small clips of me in this outfit, so enjoy the video!