Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Leather over-the-knee boots in broad daylight.. it felt empowering!


Yay, it actually is summer over here in the Netherlands! How do I know? It's when most Dutch people start complaining about the heat and sun! :-P

I'm still working long hours because the project I'm working on is really taking off. And since it offers huge opportunities for me in the long term, I figure I might as well give it my full 100%.

Since walking around in pretty dresses and sexy heels don't pay the bills, it means that my fashion activities have to wait sometimes. ;-)

However, with this weather, I had to get out! And I thought, what the hell.. it's gorgeous weather and I feel confident. So I just went for a blue cocktail party dress.. short! And to add to the whole sexy look.. I decided to add black leather over-the-knee stiletto heeled boots!

Yes.. when I was walking around in the botanical garden, I got some looks and stares. But mostly, I saw nods of approvement.. as in.. you go girl!! And that's how I felt! :-D

I know some people will find this too much: why not wear sandals? Or cute flats?

What do you think? Your opinion always means so much to me! :-)

Of course, with any photo-shoot that I do.. I always remind myself to not take it all too seriously. Even though I am known to check all the photos and videos after they're taken! :-P

I am also brainstorming on how I can use these boots (by Buffalo, by the way) in more outfits without it getting too trashy.

Any ideas or suggestions are always appreciated!

If you're in the northern hemisphere.. I hope you have a great summer with cocktails. And if you're south of the 0° latitude line.. I hope you're having a comfy winter with hot cocoa!. ;-)

With this outfit, I definitely had to get some video footage.. and I got a lot! So, no surprise.. this YouTube video is a bit longer than the usual ones. I actually tried to take some super long steps going from tile to tile in the grass. :-P

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black jumpsuit and red heels - working it?


So much stuff to do, so many things to worry about.. sometimes I wish I was still that student. Back then, my only worries were passing exams, saving money for beer and getting enough sleep. :-P

Anyway, it really is summer.. my holidays are coming closer.. so it's about time to start posting all the remaining stuff I've got on my computer!

Just like how I love the simplicity of an LBD with colourful heels.. I have discovered that black jump-suits offer similar advantages. No fuss, no muss.. get dressed in 5 minutes and go out the door!

Don't you just love these heels? They're my trusty Steve Madden heels that I now own for over 5 years! I think they're timeless and classic.. and I don't think they will ever go out of style. What's your opinion?

Compared to my previous work outfit post (the one with the black and white dress), I actually think that an outfit like this is even more suited for work. Since it doesn't show any bare legs, it's more appropriate for a professional environment. Any thoughts?

The one issue I noticed when I was doing this photo and video shoot in this beautiful building: the clickety clackety noise of my heels!! :-P

There weren't many people working and walking around, so every step I took.. reverberated throughout the whole space!

There was a big empty conference room in this building.. which was ideal for walking up and down pretending to be a catwalk model. ;-)

Of course, I do have video material of that.. please try to not laugh too loud!