Friday, August 29, 2014

Little White Dresses.. love them as well! :P

Okay, to be clear... just like black boots and black pumps.. I think there is nothing more versatile, more universally elegant than the little black dress. It was the first type of dress that I bought completely on my own and that dress is actually featured in a few of my pictures and videos.

Having said that though.. I do have a weak spot for the LBD's little sister .. the Little White Dress. In stark contrast to my black items, I only have a couple of white things. And that's not because I don't like white.. or that it doesn't go with my skin colour. No.. the reason is actually simpler and unsurprising:

I am not a tidy and neat person when I'm eating or moving around or sitting down. :-P

That red spaghetti sauce will inevitably end up on me.. and thus on my hitherto pristine spotless dress!

A spotless dress :-P

This dress is actually super tight and I did need help from a friend to zip me up properly.. and to make it fit even better, I also added a corset. What do you think? It could be a perfect dress for a cocktail party! Come to think of it.. I think it would be worn at any party!

I bought this dress from BonPrix quite a while, but I never had a proper opportunity to wear it. I think it's more for a nice summer evening, but over here in the Netherlands.. summer's already getting dismissed by autumn (or fall for ya Yanks :P). So I'm just hoping for one of those super warm days in September or October to wear this dress again.. just like last year.

I wore this dress with simple black 5 inch heels. I do wonder how this outfit would look with white heels. I do have those white peep-toe pumps, but I think white closed platform heels would look better! Alas, I did not buy those when I was shopping at the New Look last May.. so I need to be on the look-out for some during the next few shopping sessions.

Yes.. I know I have too many shoes! :P

The good thing about a white outfit? It captures quite nicely when it's already late at night! This next pic is me trying to get some pole-dance practice with a street light. It does me look quite short, eh? :)

Almost done with the next video.. I need to find more time for doing all the modelling, filming, editing and other stuff. This job thing is really getting in the way of the fun things... even though the job pays for the fun thing! :-P

Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Black Dresses.. I just love them!

There are a few things of which a girl can't have too much/many of... compliments, chocolate, diamonds.. and the ever so elusive perfect little black dress! We might occasionally buy dresses in other colours, but somehow.. we notice all the subtle differences between the thousands of different LBD's and we feel we need to own *all* of them!

At least, this is how it usually goes with me.. doesn't it for you? :P

That is how I ended up with a couple of dozen of LBD's.. of which this particular one by Mango was one my more recent temptations.

This dress is actually super tight and I did need help from a friend to zip me up properly.. and to make it fit even better, I also added a corset. What do you think? It could be a perfect dress for a cocktail party! Come to think of it.. I think it would be worn at any party!

Sadly though, I did send it back, since I like to be able to put on dress by myself. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do when I'm alone?? :P

This of course means that I need to continue my search for a little black dress that looks like this one, but one that only requires my hands to put it on. If you guys/girls have any tips.. feel free to tell me where I can get a dress similar to this one!

Anyway.. I still have *all* those other LBD's... would you be interested in a video with e.g. 5 or 10 of my favourite little black dresses? Or is that just a little too black for you all? :P

Hopefully at the end of this week, I'll have finished editing my latest video... so I hope you're still not bored with the short white dress and the slightly longer black dress. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tassia in the UK - another golden dress: the sequel!

During my UK holiday trip, in Southampton, I bought a five-pound golden dress.. and I wrote about it a few posts ago.

And now.. there is another post featuring a different golden dress. A sequel, if you will.. but if you want to get all technical about it.. I was wearing this golden dress in Bath before I went to Southampton. So, we're really talking about a prequel.. but hopefully of better quality than the Star Wars prequels. :-P

This dress was actually the reason for me to start looking for a golden dress, since this is not my dress. It belongs to my friend who took the Bath/Somerset countryside photos. She's not a dress person, but she is in a musical group and when they perform, she wears this. You know,.. now that I think about it, I do have a lot of friends who roughly wear the same size clothes that I do. :D

Obviously, I don't behave like a vain model who needs everything done for her.. at least not all the time! I help around in the kitchen and I can still remember the wonderful meal we cooked up! I did wear an apron because it's not nice to ruin someone else's dress. :P

After the meal, we went outside again.. enjoying the last bit of sun. Again, if you look at all my UK holiday photos, you will notice how lucky I've been with the weather! The moments of rain I encountered during this two-week holiday could be counted on one hand. I like the shot above a lot.. perhaps not a proper shot from a technical photographic point of view, but the halo effect of the sun looks cool!

One of the cool things about these sequinned dresses is the glittery effect when the sun is shining and the reflections they give off. I will finish this short post with a pic of me in my patented one-leg-stand-and-the-fish-was-that-big pose. Life is always better when it's not taken too seriously. :)

No filming in the UK.. I couldn't put my hosts over there through that. So, enjoy the video of me in the short short dress.. and see ya next time! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When is short.. too short?

Every now and then, there is this internal battle going on in my head.. and I wonder if more women have the same thing. This train of thought was sparked by the wife of a cousin of mine.. and she said that for most occasions she wanted to dress in a sexy way.. even though she knew in advance that she was going to get disapproving looks and comments. And yes, for some of the family events.. she would add something to the outfit to make it (in her words) a bit less slutty. :P

As many of you know, I like a lot of styles, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to dress in sexy way. I like to look into the mirror and see a girl.. of whom I know I would never ever have the guts of asking out on a date! :P

So, as an example, here is this dress/top. One could argue it shows too much leg, is too sexy.. and perhaps slutty! But in the summer, when it's warm and sunny, what's the difference with a bikini or a bathing suit??

Sure, I know people will watch, point, stare and perhaps even make disparaging remarks.. but what if I don't care that much? Again, I'm not saying I should be able to wear stuff like this to any occasion, .. it's not like I would wear this in a church or a shopping mall. But I am still someone who goes out in the open, especially on sunny days!

The dress I'm wearing could also be used as a top and I have used it like that, it's from Miss Etam. And the nude coloured high heels are from Dorothy Perkins. Nude coloured heels are ideal for making those legs look longer,.. not that this was really necessary with a short short dress. :-P

So, what are your opinions on the matter? Is this dress too short.. or even too slutty? Should I actually just never wear this without a skirt or jeans? Or just not wear it all??

Btw, when I was filming the video, I did get a few honks of trucks. I always wondered what the logic of that was.. should I know kick off the heels and start chasing the trucks? :-P

My internet is back, so I could upload the new video of this dress. Yes.. I'll keep calling this a dress, y'all ain't my mother! :P

See ya next time! :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tassia in the UK - Sauntering in Somerset county

Sometimes, you plan to have a great weekend.. dressing up, visiting friends, going to not just one.. but two parties. And then, you wake up on Friday morning and BAM.. your body decides you're going to have a small fever. Nothing too serious, but enough to make you not get in a car and drive halfway across the country. :(

So, Friday evening.. and no internet at home (thanks for mobile internet and hotspots). Next best thing to dresses and heels.. is writing about it and posting pics. And with that.. comes the latest episode of my UK holiday series. Only a few more and it's time to go on the next holiday. :P

Before heading to Southampton, I spent a few days in Bath visiting a friend.. and during those days, we also went into the beautiful countryside of Somerset. Obviously, I did the practical thing.. and wore a cute LBD and some heels!

Now, about these heels.. they are awesome! 4 inches, ankle strap, very comfortable and they cost me 25 euros. The kicker.. I have had them over 5 years. These are my go-to heels whenever I know I need to walk for long distances. It doesn't matter where I go on holiday.. this pair is always there!

I just love the green country side and the picturesque houses and gardens in England. And if you're wearing a red leather jacket.. that colour sticks out against the green.. and I mean that in a nice way. :)

We were driving around admiring the countryside.. and taking pics whenever there was a nice view. Almost felt bad about not bringing along extra dresses... but the goal of this day-trip was about chilling and sight-seeing.. not about modelling even though I did a lot of posing! :P

With my mobile internet connection, I'm not going to upload my latest video, so that will have to wait until Wednesday. Thus, I leave you all with the latest two videos. See ya next time! :)