Friday, August 29, 2014

Little White Dresses.. love them as well! :P

Okay, to be clear... just like black boots and black pumps.. I think there is nothing more versatile, more universally elegant than the little black dress. It was the first type of dress that I bought completely on my own and that dress is actually featured in a few of my pictures and videos.

Having said that though.. I do have a weak spot for the LBD's little sister .. the Little White Dress. In stark contrast to my black items, I only have a couple of white things. And that's not because I don't like white.. or that it doesn't go with my skin colour. No.. the reason is actually simpler and unsurprising:

I am not a tidy and neat person when I'm eating or moving around or sitting down. :-P

That red spaghetti sauce will inevitably end up on me.. and thus on my hitherto pristine spotless dress!

A spotless dress :-P

This dress is actually super tight and I did need help from a friend to zip me up properly.. and to make it fit even better, I also added a corset. What do you think? It could be a perfect dress for a cocktail party! Come to think of it.. I think it would be worn at any party!

I bought this dress from BonPrix quite a while, but I never had a proper opportunity to wear it. I think it's more for a nice summer evening, but over here in the Netherlands.. summer's already getting dismissed by autumn (or fall for ya Yanks :P). So I'm just hoping for one of those super warm days in September or October to wear this dress again.. just like last year.

I wore this dress with simple black 5 inch heels. I do wonder how this outfit would look with white heels. I do have those white peep-toe pumps, but I think white closed platform heels would look better! Alas, I did not buy those when I was shopping at the New Look last May.. so I need to be on the look-out for some during the next few shopping sessions.

Yes.. I know I have too many shoes! :P

The good thing about a white outfit? It captures quite nicely when it's already late at night! This next pic is me trying to get some pole-dance practice with a street light. It does me look quite short, eh? :)

Almost done with the next video.. I need to find more time for doing all the modelling, filming, editing and other stuff. This job thing is really getting in the way of the fun things... even though the job pays for the fun thing! :-P