Monday, September 1, 2014

Pink dress.. I think.. blue heels.. I know!

So, we've had a few posts with black and white dresses. Simple, effective.. and if you're standing indecisively in front of your closet.. you can just take an LBD or LWD.. combine it with a leather jacket and some heels. Et voila, you're done!

Now, if you've seen my pics in the recent years, you must have noticed that I have been wearing more and more different coloured outfits. Some colours work, some don't.. and you can actually have someone do a proper analysis. They will look at your skin colour, skin tone, hair and eye colour and they will give you a list of colours and shades. Buy clothes in these colours and it should all match perfectly!

Of course, me being me.. I take the more straightforward (okay okay.. lazy) approach and I just experiment and try out a lot of things. :-P

Natassia pink dress blue heels fueling car

I will admit,.. I am not good at recognising and naming colours and it's probably a good thing I'm not a painter! So, this dress by Steps.. I think it says "pink" on the label, but a few months ago I had a different dress and that one was in the colour "fuchsia". And in sunlight, I would guess those two dresses have just about the same colour.

Any opinions here? I'm sure there must be a few among you who are able to tell the difference between 30 shades of pink!

Natassia pink dress blue heels posing parking lot

The easy part.. those are the cute and sexy peep-toe pumps with a 5 inch heel from Dorothy Perkins. I know that colour and that colour is blue! :-P

Natassia pink dress blue heels white gate

Of course, I could've gone for the safe option and worn black heels with this dress. I think it would've worked and perhaps I would've done that for an occasion like brunch or just shopping with the girls. But, for a party or a bit more formal (yet festive) event, I'd like to go full blast rainbow colour mode! :-P

Natassia pink dress blue heels stairs one leg stand

One other thing I've discovered while being out and about getting my pictures and videos taken, is that stairs are awesome props! Walking up and down.. placing each foot on a different step.. it all introduces a bit of variety and dynamic. And it's just a great way to show off heels! :-P

Natassia pink dress blue heels posing grass field

Another important thing when driving around looking for nice photo locations? Making sure the car is all filled up so you don't get stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a farmers' town, where they just look at you funny because you're all dressed up like that getting photographed! ;-)

Natassia pink dress blue heels fueling car other side

And yes, I acutally got some video footage of me in this dress. This dress is a bit longer than the previous white dress.. so for some that's a good thing. I do suspect that for most.. it's rather a bad thing though! :P

So, the second video down below is a convenient link to the white short dress. I still hope you like the first video as well!

See ya next time! :)


  1. You would look good in a cashmere cardigan, they are so elegant and feminine

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Got a link to some online shop so I can have a look at it? :)

  2. Wow, this dress is sooo pretty. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa