Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Groovy dress - I hope it doesn't hurt the eyes!

Casual outfits are nice and practical and all, but these days.. I just find I have a lot of fun just trying lots of colourful things. :)

This dress will probably evoke mixed reactions.. varying from "WOW.. that dress and you belong on a tropical beach while sipping on a mojito".. all the way to.. "MY EYES.. it burns! Where's the bleach?!" :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys in groovy dress, red Steve Madden pumps

I'm sure that wherever these pics are posted, I will get your honest and truthful opinions! ;-)

Tried to mix it up a little bit with different coloured heels (not that there really was shortage of colour)... so here's the dress with my red Steve Madden heels.

Natassia Crystal natcrys groovy dress, blue Dorothy Perkins peep-toes

Or how about a pop of blue with the Dorothy Perkins peep-toes?

Natassia Crystal natcrys groovy dress, red high heeled sandals

And here's me with red high-heeled sandals.. and wine... and grapes! :)

Editing the next bunch of videos.. so stay tuned for those in the next few days/weeks. Enjoy the last two videos in the mean time! :-)

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