Monday, September 15, 2014

5 inch heels are not for the forest! :P

Hi everyone! In case you didn't notice, the last few posts were more on the sexy or glamorous side and I admit.. that's my favourite way of dressing. :)

Of course, as any sensible person knows, one cannot always be dressed like this.. places like the shopping mall, supermarket or the cinema require other outfits. And when I say other outfits.. I mean outfits that aren't too revealing or too formal. So sometimes, it's wiser to just wear a pair of jeans, a top and some sensible shoes.
Natassia balancing on a rock in high heels
Balancing on a rock in high heels,.. not as easy as it looks! :P

But yeah, you know me.. and I just don't seem to fully grasp the concept of sensible shoes, like when I was in walking around in a forest in Belgium. Or even more foolishly, trying to balance on a rock! :P

Julie, Iris and Tassia - Reservoir Dog walk

Even though photos and videos were made of this lovely afternoon in the forest, the main purpose of this was to chill, relax and unwind. And I like to relax with friends, so I did this this with my friends Julie and Iris. There is nothing better than a leisurely walk in nature to shed the stresses and craziness of a 40+ hours work week!

Natassia posing on a bridge and in front of flowers.

Obviously, posing still had to be done, though I did do my part by bringing (and using) my own camera, so that I could also take photos of a) my friends and b) the lovely surroundings. :)

Natassia and her camera

Of course, with all that walking, sometimes.. a little rest was sometimes needed, especially when walking in 5 inch heels. Did I mention that I'm not always the most sensible girl?

Natassia taking a break from walking in heels

We took a million photos and a couple of videos, but you'll just have to trust me.. it was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery and beautiful and lovely friends! We concluded the day by spending the evening in a restaurant at the edge of the forest.

Iris, Julie and Natassia enjoying their drinks

Thanks for a great day, girls! :)

Natassia and her glass of wine

Yes, there is actually some video footage from this day. Again, not as spectacular as the the short dress or the pink dress video, but I think the video still gives a great impression of how wonderful that day was!


  1. You're so beautiful, cheerful and funny, Natassia, and I salute any girl who can stand one legged on a rock in 5" heels.

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks so much for the compliments! :)

      I do try to show the fun side of CD-ing as there are already a lot of places on the Internet for discussing the serious aspects.

      Glad you enjoyed this post! :)