Friday, July 31, 2020

A simple blue dress with some simple pink heels


Well, there could be a good chance that I spoke too soon in my last post (almost a month ago). Since the measures and restrictions have been softened, the number of new corona-cases.. as expected.. have been going up. It's not a second wave yet, but we all have to be careful. I kinda like going outside and enjoy the sun. Oh, and I also kinda like people not getting sick and dying.

Anyway, changing the subject to something lighter.. you might have noticed in my outfits that I love the colour blue! :-)

The nice thing about blue is that is combines pretty nicely with a lot of colours and pink is one of them.

To test that theory, I phoned a friend to help me with the photos and video.. and we drove out to the coast (you can see the ferry to England). These days, I'm a practical person.. and I take my heels off when I walk through the green grass. I'm just too worried I will damage them!

You might have seen the cropped version of this pic of me sitting there.. and if I may say so myself, I do like my joke that I posted about heels on the rocks. Though whisky on the rocks is really good too! :-D

And here's me being practical again.. I think I have like 5 pairs of Adidas sneakers. The only type of sneakers I think have a kind of sporty feminine vibe going on.

Oh, another question: do you think I should've change my nail colour for these outfits?

Just in case you were wondering about the other pair of heels: here are my black peep-toe pumps.. super comfy and super sexy! ;-)

 I will keep repeating this: stay safe and be healthy!

Again, we did make a new video where you can see me walking in both pairs of heels! On YouTube, there's a public version of 1 minute and on Patreon, you can see a much longer video!