Sunday, April 26, 2020

Throwbacks during the crisis: my leather outfit with fisnets and black pumps


Hey all! It seems that our intelligent lockdown (here in the Netherlands) will continue for at least a couple of weeks. I have not had the opportunity to go outdoor with my friends and do photo/video shoots.

Fortunately, the trend seems to go in the positive direction and if people continue to show good behaviour, we might be out of this mess before summer. And that gives me the opportunity to wrap up all the photos and videos I still have on my computer.. glass half-full!! ;-)

One of my favourite outfits in a long time is this chic and sexy leather outfit. It really exudes a powerful and business-like attitude.

A leather skirt and a leather jacket.. with an impeccable white blouse combined with high heels are my earliest memories of sexy feminine outfits. And I am actually surprised that it took me so long to recreate this outfit!

For added feminine touches, I added fishnet tights, an anklet and red nails. The only thing I would change when I will wear this outfit again is making sure my nails are much longer than they are in these photos! ;-)

Again, these days, I'm at home.. either working or chilling on the couch. I must admit that while I can entertain myself at home, I am getting more and more anxious not being able to see my family and friends.

It is hard being alone at home for 6 weeks straight now.

From a glass half-full perspective again though, the air is getting cleaner, no clouds due to pollution thus more sun.. and fuel prices have dropped a lot! :-D

 I hope you're all hanging in there and doing well!

Usually when I post an outfit here on my blog, there is also a public YouTube video. This time however, I originally intended the video to be for my Patreon first.. and later decided to share the photos here. Hope you don't mind!