Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Throwback during this crisis: floral Spanish style maxi dress with blue heels


Hey all! For those who still read blogs during these times (or even during normal times).. I hope you're doing well and that you and your loved ones are healthy!

It's weird to keep on doing certain things while there are whole countries suffering so much more than the Netherlands. At the time of writing, we aren't in a lock-down situation. Perhaps that will change.. as the spread of this virus really depends on whether people behave responsibly and sensibly.

These weeks, I have been staying inside.. only to go out for groceries and work. All healthy employees at our institute are still allowed in the building, so while I'm still healthy.. I will definitely try to make myself useful.

But no outdoor photo and video shoots for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I'm digging through my archives for photos and videos.. and this outfit was one of the first I really wanted to post!

I really love how this dress makes me feel like a Spanish senorita.. and it made me wish that I was back on the Canary Islands. But sadly, this wasn't Gran Canarias, Lanzarote or Barcelona.. this was just Rotterdam. And it was very windy.. and without sun, it was actually quite chilly! :-O

So yeah, while I'm mostly in my PJs on the couch with my laptop.. I do like to close my eyes and just pretend that I'm outdoors.. doing photo and video shoots!

Anyway.. there a lot more important things in the world and I really hope that 2020 will also be the year of many good things, including the swift end of this crisis!

Really, stay safe.. stay inside as much as possible! :-)

 Wishing you all lots of love!

I did make a small video.. and like a lot of times in Rotterdam, it is very windy and the microphone does pick it up. Watch those ears! :-P