Saturday, May 30, 2020

Throwbacks during the crisis: leopard print with white stiletto heeled pumps


So, for our part of the world, the Netherlands and surrounding countries, it seems the lockdown measures will be softened. Hopefully, that means we can all go out and do more than just sit inside.

I do hope that we as society can still behave responsibly so that we continue going in the positive direction. And I know, in these current turbulent times, it's hard to not lose hope. I try to stay positive!! :-)

While I'm waiting for the possibility for me and my friends to go outside and do new photo-shoots, I still have some outdoor and indoor content on my PC.

Last summer, I wore this cute leopard print dress with my (now super favourite) white high heeled pumps from Lost Ink. If I can ever find a new pair from that brand, I will definitely buy them in more colours!

These heels are so comfortable and well-balanced, that doing a one-leg-stand pose was super easy.. so I included two photos of me doing that! ;-)

I have been fortunate during these months. I didn't get sick nor did my loved ones. I didn't lose my job like so many did. I could work from home so I didn't go completely crazy.

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering. Whether from this pandemic or other crap that's currently setting this world on fire. I hope better times will come soon!

Is it too early to wish for 2021 to come already?! :-D

 Again, I hope you're all still hanging in there and doing well!

Yay, I did have plenty of video material of me in this dress and heels.. so I made a new video on YouTube!!!