Sunday, August 27, 2017

The quest for the perfect black and white dress


Oooh.. boy! Almost a month since my last blog-post and YouTube video.. what is up with that?! 

It's supposed to be summer, but it has been so busy with work that I couldn't find time to properly sit down and do some editing and create actual stuff. And yes, I do notice that it's far easier to just post a photo to Instagram or Flickr. Still, not as fulfilling as writing and finishing a blog-post.

Anyway, enough yammering! It's Sunday and I thought to post a few pics of my indoor test photo-shoots I did last Friday. The theme of the shoot was black and white patterned dress.. and I ordered two dresses to see how well they fit me. I would love to hear your opinions!  ;-)

The first B/W dress has all these black stripes in a random pattern which I really like. With my height of 1,70 metres ( that's 5 feet 7 for you Yanks :-P ), this dress ends just above my knees. Respectable, right?

With B/W dresses, I like to put in some bright colours in there. So for this outfit, I chose red heels and slightly brighter bag. Just for that added pop!

The second B/W dress has a pattern which I think is inspired by both florals and ink-blots. I do think this dress looks darker because there's more black in it. And with these kinds of dresses, I do prefer them to be a bit more brighter.

No bag for this outfit, but I did change the shoes.. because variety is the spice of life.. or something like that! :-P

So, what do you think of these dresses? Do they fit and flatter me? I'm not super convinced yet.

And what colour would you choose for the heels? You all know I have many to choose from! ;-)

 Hope you had a great weekend!

Haven't found the time yet to create new videos, even though I have tons of material just waiting to be editing. So I will just put some links to these older ones. :-)