Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pink is not even my favourite colour


I've never ever flown while all dressed up.. all the hassle going through the checkpoints.. having to take off my heels.. having to explain everything to the security staff.

Anyway, back when the weather was sunny, we were driving past the airport of Rotterdam / The Hague.. and we decided to take the exit and snap a quick pic! It's all about the opportunities, right? ;-)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about the basic colours such as black, red and blue. And white if I manage to be careful with ice-cream and spaghetti sauce. :-P

So pink is not my favourite colour, but still really do like it. Especially when I want to do the cute look.

The other pics were taken in a park in the Hague dedicated to our first queen of the Netherlands called Emma. Technically, she was a steward because her husband king Willem the 3rd died and her daughter Wilhemina wasn't old enough to become queen.

It's a nice quiet park where people usually have their lunch walk and one can sit down.. giving the feet some rest and enjoy the flowers! :-)

Oh, here's me being very annoying for cars and bicycles standing in the middle of the street.. posing pretending to be a model. ;-)

 Have a great week!

Here's a video of me literally having a walk in the park! :-P