Monday, February 18, 2019

OTK boots in Rotterdam


Third post!! Alright, I'll stop counting now until I either have slowed down again..  or when I am posting even more often than I do now.. though that seems highly unlikely! :-P

Cold temperatures are the best occasions for wearing boots. I realised I have so many pairs of boots that have never been captured on photo or video.. time to rectify that!

I usually wear my boots with jeans.. though I might as well have worn a dress or skirt, because I can tell you: ripped jeans don't really keep legs warm!

Last post, I was talking very favourably about Rotterdam and this post is not going to be very different.

There are so many people wearing so many different types of styles of clothing and shoes.. so someone wearing over-the-knee boots while shopping doesn't really draw that much attention. And I like being slightly low-key. ;-)

Do you like these boots? :-)

This weekend has been super warm (for a February in the Netherlands).. hope this trend continues into March! :-D

 How was your Valentine's Day?

Walking along the river in Rotterdam and being real careful not to fall in! :-P

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pink in a park


Second post of 2019! At this rate, I'll be posting 12 blog-post this year.. one each month. I hope I can surprise myself and at least make it double that number! :-P

It's already February.. and as always, it seems that time flies! But the good thing about that is that spring and summer will also be here soon!

And when it's warmer again, I can wear dresses like this super cute pink number!

This was another beautiful day while spending some time in the park in Rotterdam. A lot of people think that Rotterdam is cold cool city with high buildings.. and while it is full of that, it is also full of cute little parks with lakes.

Just don't talk to me about their local football club.. I'm from a different city originally, so that where my support will always be! ;-)

What do you think about this pink dress.. perfect for summer?

By the way, still loving these sandals.. they're 5 inch high, but super comfy. I bought multiple pairs.. I also use them for dancing class! ;-)

 Hope you had a great January!

Walking through the park.. be prepared for music and people shouting! :-)