Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pink is not even my favourite colour


I've never ever flown while all dressed up.. all the hassle going through the checkpoints.. having to take off my heels.. having to explain everything to the security staff.

Anyway, back when the weather was sunny, we were driving past the airport of Rotterdam / The Hague.. and we decided to take the exit and snap a quick pic! It's all about the opportunities, right? ;-)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about the basic colours such as black, red and blue. And white if I manage to be careful with ice-cream and spaghetti sauce. :-P

So pink is not my favourite colour, but still really do like it. Especially when I want to do the cute look.

The other pics were taken in a park in the Hague dedicated to our first queen of the Netherlands called Emma. Technically, she was a steward because her husband king Willem the 3rd died and her daughter Wilhemina wasn't old enough to become queen.

It's a nice quiet park where people usually have their lunch walk and one can sit down.. giving the feet some rest and enjoy the flowers! :-)

Oh, here's me being very annoying for cars and bicycles standing in the middle of the street.. posing pretending to be a model. ;-)

 Have a great week!

Here's a video of me literally having a walk in the park! :-P

Monday, April 29, 2019

White summer dress and pink stiletto heeled sandals


You all know that I love going out when the weather's nice.. especially if the forecast for the rest of the month is bad. I'm typing this just after the Dutch King's Day weekend.. and it's sooo cold and wet outside. And to think that just one week ago. I was walking around in a thin top and jeans shorts at 11 in the evening.

Like I've said before.. I can't wait for actual summer!! :-D

I really do love white dresses because they make your legs and arms look so tanned. My only challenge is to make sure that at the end of the day.. the dress is not messed up with red spaghetti sauce! And everyone seems to agree that pink and white is a cute combo, so I decided to wear my sexy pink sandals from Lost Ink.

Every now and then, my photographer manages to get a shot with me sticking my tongue out. Usually, I don't include them in blog-posts or on Instagram, but (just like last post) it's good to remind oneself not to take life too seriously.. so here!

These pics were taken in Eindhoven.. and for anyone who's been to that city.. these yellow pins are well-known. Have you been Eindhoven?

It's almost like one of those cheesy tourist photos they make in Pisa with the leaning tower.. but I think I've proven that one can be cheesy anywhere! :-P

Here's proof that I did take some 'normal' pics as well when we were at the High Tech Campus. ;-)

 How was your Easter and/or King's Day weekend?

Another short video.. this time because the sunlight was so bright and harsh, most of the footage was just me as a moving silhouette! :-P