Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nothing says summer like polkadots and sandals


Another long time between posts! I'm sad to say that the medical issues of one of my two family members have gotten much worse. On top of that (but way less important in the grand scheme of things).. my job has gotten more stressful and busier than it's ever been!

While this doesn't mean that my social media activities are completely down to zero, it usually means that my fashion blog is the first one to be neglected. I do still post regularly on Instagram and Facebook. And usually my Twitter and Flickr pages can be found with the occasional updates.

Anyway, I did of course go out and do fun things.. so here's an outfit I wore when I went on a photo-shoot with a student who interviewed me for her research. :-)

You all know how much I love polkadot clothes.. whether they are dresses or skirts or tops. I've seen super cute polkadot stiletto heels, but sadly.. they didn't fit. Ah well.. can't have it all, right?! :-P

The beautiful location was near Utrecht in a park. Since it was a warm day... drinking fluids was important. Really enjoyed this mango smoothie!

I'll just keep this post short and snappy. So, which colour do you think is best? Or would you have worn sandals or sneakers? :-)

 I do miss posting on my blog, but family is much more important! Take carel!

These stiletto heeled sandals from Lost Ink are just the sexiest ever! And they are relatively comfy to walk in.. just check the video!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Enjoying hot spring in a red dress


Oh my gosh, almost 2 months since my last post! Despite all good intentions at the beginning of the year, it seems life and work always get in the way!

While I try to keep this fashion blog relatively light and happy.. I have to say that the last couple of months have been turbulent in a less than positive way.

My apartment got flooded because of very heavy rainfall, two family members had serious medical issues and I'm in the process of moving house. On top of that.. lots of issues, challenges and stress at work, so it's not hard to imagine that on most of the evenings.. I just crashed on the couch!

Anyway, I might elaborate a bit on these things in a later post, but for now.. I just want to express how happy I am with the warm weather these weeks! Apart from that whole flooding thing! :-P

With this warm weather, I just love my cheap short dresses.. and I am totally in love with this red one! I don't have to think about coordinating stuff.. and I can just choose whatever colour shoes I want!

So yeah, I put not one but two pairs of heels in my car for these photos. Black stilettos from Lost Ink (my favourite affordable stiletto heels brand right now) and red stiletto heels from River Island (they have so many great colours). I can't help myself! ;-)

I'll just keep this post short and snappy. So, which colour do you think is best? Or would you have worn sandals or sneakers? :-)

 It's great posting again, hope you all are well!

A very short video with both the black and red heels. I need to film more footage!