Friday, November 9, 2018

Feeling blue


I might have used this title before.. but I'm too lazy to look it up! :-P

In my previous post, I talked about how I love wearing different colours. For some reason, blue always stands out.. and I noticed that I didn't have that many dresses and heels that have bold bright blue colour.

Fortunately I saw this cute and cheap dress.. and, after going to an afternoon visit to the cinema, afterwards.. one of my friends took my camera and got a few nice shots!

I also brought my blue Adidas sneakers for a bit of comfort.. but I don't think y'all would be interesting in seeing them, right?! ;-)

I guess the woman in the above pic was wondering what I was doing! :-D

 Enjoy this Friday.. and have a great weekend!

Also filmed a couple of clips.. but something went wrong with the audio, so some of the heels-clicking was lost. I hope this won't happen again! :-(

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pink dress with red stripe at dawn


Not even 2 weeks have passed.. and here's another outfit blog-post and an accompanying YouTube video! There might be hope for me yet! :-)

I love wearing colours (yes, yes.. I mean other colours than black, white and red :-P) but pink is always hit or miss with me. I don't think this dress would've worked for me but the red stripe matches perfectly with my cute red bag. What do you think?

This shoot was after a nice afternoon of other doing social things. The sun was going under as I realised I still hadn't taken any photos and videos of me in this dress!! It's a good thing flashes exist.. because it was way past the 'golden hour'!

As I had actually bothered to get a pedicure.. I wore these very sexy stiletto heeled sandals.. but I must admit: these weren't the easiest to walk in! I need to practice more!

This is my lame attempt at striking a Madonna-esque pose. I hope it made you laugh! :-D

 Enjoy the weekend!

In this short video.. this dress and the wind!!