Friday, June 18, 2021

Little black dress and black sandals.. it's been 2 months!!


Wow, time really flies when my teaching responsibilites eat up so much of it! :-O

My last blog post was in April.. and my last public YouTube video was from March!

It's not that I don't go outdoors while dressed. Everyone who follows my Instagram will definitely know that I do have fun.. but sitting down for a blog and editing videos just takes energy that I don't have most of the time.

These are all photos of last summer.. enjoying Rotterdam in my little black dress.. and I hope you appreciate that rare pic of me wearing my flipflops!

 I hope everyone is getting their shots!

I did have footage of this little trip.. so I hope you enjoy the video I posted on YouTube! ;-)

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Throwback: blue summer mini dress with red stiletto heels in the summer of 2017


It's April and in the last couple of weeks, we had summer temperatures, snow, more summer days and snow and hailstones. I know the weather can change but this is ridiculous! :-O

Anyway, this a little bit of a throwback blog-post in the sense that I posted this outfit before.

But back then I only posted 2 pics while also posting other outfits. Yet since then, this blue dress with red heels has become one of my most favourite outfits ever! So I just thought I'd dedicate a blog-post to this one outfit.

I hope you like the extra photos of this outfit! Do you think I should wear this outfit again this summer of 2020?

 I hope everyone is doing well this spring!

I did not have any extra video footage of this oufit... so no new video. Still though.. check out Patreon if you want to see more content and also.. support me! ;-)