Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pink in a park


Second post of 2019! At this rate, I'll be posting 12 blog-post this year.. one each month. I hope I can surprise myself and at least make it double that number! :-P

It's already February.. and as always, it seems that time flies! But the good thing about that is that spring and summer will also be here soon!

And when it's warmer again, I can wear dresses like this super cute pink number!

This was another beautiful day while spending some time in the park in Rotterdam. A lot of people think that Rotterdam is cold cool city with high buildings.. and while it is full of that, it is also full of cute little parks with lakes.

Just don't talk to me about their local football club.. I'm from a different city originally, so that where my support will always be! ;-)

What do you think about this pink dress.. perfect for summer?

By the way, still loving these sandals.. they're 5 inch high, but super comfy. I bought multiple pairs.. I also use them for dancing class! ;-)

 Hope you had a great January!

Walking through the park.. be prepared for music and people shouting! :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

All greyed out


First post of 2019! How has everyone been doing? My year has started quite relaxed but already is shaping up to be busy so I have to be careful. One of my new year's resolutions is to try and not be consumed by my professional life!

Anyway, it's still winter, so that means boots!! I know I can wear boots in the spring and summer, but that's when I want to wear pumps and sandals.

So boots, tights and a dress it is and this time, the colour is grey.. quite different from black, ain't it? :-P

For this shoot, we went to a small island in the city of Rotterdam called Noordereiland. You can see the Erasmus bridge in the back while I'm standing next to a monument in honour of our former queen Wilhelmina.

Here's a view from the back. Yeah, I know.. I really need to get my hair trimmed and styled at the salon. I should make some time for that.

After all that walking in those heels, even I have to sit down for a quick rest. ;-)

I am originally from the north of the Netherlands, but every time I visit Rotterdam.. I am amazed with all the nice spots and views! ;-)

 All the best for 2019!!

Just walking around in these fabulous boots and even doing a bit of jumping from tile to tile! :-)