Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring/summer preparations: black jumpsuit and snake-skin heels


OMG, 10 freakin' days since my last post.. and that post wasn't even about me, but the lovely Lindsey! Speaking of which, thank you all for the wonderful reactions on that interview, both here and over at Have Clothes, Will Travel!! It really brought a smile to my face and I know it made Lindsey also very happy! :-)

Anyway, since it's way too cold outside still and I'm also super busy with work (gotta earn money for those bills, shoes and make-up somehow, right?).. so it's back to the amazing white door doing some preparations for the spring and summer times!

I've been trying out different types of jumpsuits, sleeves or no-sleeves, shorter vs. longer legs, etc. I think this one is really for when the summer sun is burning. Though I think with a nice red jacket, it could also work in the spring! :-P

For shoes, I think these Steve Madden heels will do just fine... in the summer that is. I might have to test this outfit with some boots, but this jumpsuit was made for showing some leg.. so that's probably going to be a negative evaluation.

I really think these kind of indoor shots are not too interesting, but since I went through all the trouble of doing my make-up and hair.. I just try to spice it up with some gratuitous posing.

Come on agencies.. give me a call already! :-P

I do like how from the side.. this jumpsuit looks like an elegant medium length black dress.

Again, I hope to have a couple of outdoor opportunities before I leave to the Alps (this time.. the Austrian ones) again for some more snowboarding, but it all depends on the Dutch weather! ;-)

I have no videos of this dress fitting session, so I'll just leave you with two most recent ones!

Friday, February 19, 2016

My interview with Lindsey Puls at Have Clothes, Will Travel


Link to the interview.

Meet Lindsey Puls, a fashion blogger at Have Clothes, Will Travel and all around sweet and kind lady with a love for geeky things too.. posting about Star Wars and loving Marvel movies!  \o/

Oh,.. and she's gorgeous! If you look at all the photos in this post, I'm sure you understand why I am such a big fan of her!

As you probably might know, I love visiting fashion blogs for inspiration: beautiful dresses, skirts and high heels.. I'm glad that there many lovely ladies out there who share my passion for those styles.

It's even better when that passion is accompanied with lovely writing and a great sense of humour!

A couple of weeks ago, she contacted me on whether I'd be interested in doing an interview for her "Featured Fashionista" section on her fashion blog. I told her as I was honoured and I would love to participate! :-)

I enjoyed reading her questions for me.. and I tried to answer them as interestingly and completely as possible. I really love how the whole piece has turned out and if you fancy a read about me, then head over to her blog.

I also encourage you to read her interviews with other fashion bloggers and of course, to read about Lindsey herself! :-D

So thank you Lindsey for this opportunity and for your interest in me and my fashion blog, it really means a lot! And I've seen the responses from your readers on my interview already and they are just lovely!

Check out her blog: Have Clothes, Will Travel. And also, check out her Instagram.

She also has a YouTube channel, so check out this video of her showing her favourite ways to tie a scarf.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Lots of kisses


Hey you all!

Hope you had a great weekend and.. if you do celebrate it.. a lovely and romantic Valentine's Day! ;-)

As someone who's a member of the singles' family.. I spent a quiet Sunday recovering from a 2-day music festival. I showered, had coffee (a lot) and most of the day I was busy tidying up my apartment... very exciting! :-P

I was thinking of doing a photo-shoot of me in something red, which shouldn't be a problem since I have a lot of stuff in red. But then I remembered I still had photos of me in this dress with lots of lipstick kisses on it. Seemed appropriate for Valentine's Day, right?

And since spring and summer are almost there.. I might as well post the last few outfits of my summer holiday. Hope you're not sick and tired of me reminiscing of summer all the time. It's just my favourite season! :-)

So.. have you guys already made holiday plans for this spring and/or summer? I'm going to visit the snowy mountains again later this winter, but I haven't thought about any tropical destinations for the summer.

Btw, these high heeled sandals are from Forever 21.. I got them on sale last year for 15 euros and seriously, they're super comfy for 5½ inch heels. :-D

Here's a rare shot of me without my heels.. weird, huh? :-P

This video consists of really short clips.. it's a bit like a music video!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Enjoying the French snow in a red sweater dress and black boots


Hi y'all! I'm back from my snowboarding trip in the French Alps! I'm happy to report that I did not break any arms or legs.. though I did wipe out quite a few times.

But then again,.. if you don't wipe out and dive face first in the deep snow or.. slide down an icy slope on your tush, then you're not snowboarding properly!!

Usually when I'm on a snowboarding trip, I don't pack anything remotely glamorous. It's all about staying warm and being comfortable.. whether it is on the mountain or in the chalet.

This year though, after seeing so many fashion bloggers posting their outfits in gorgeous snowy conditions.. I just *had* to bring my stuff along. I mean, the weather in the Netherlands might be cold, rainy and windy.. snowy and picturesque, it definitely is not!

Me being sensible, I opted for a red sweater dress, polka-dot tights, a grey jacket and knee-high boots with a chunky 5 inch heel. Outside in the snow, the boots were perfect and I had plenty of grip. However, as soon as I went inside.. the smooth floor tiles in the kitchen made it almost impossible to walk! :-P

Now that would have been embarrassing, right? "Did you break your arm/leg while doing a 360 with the snowboard?" .. "No, I slipped while wearing snow covered heels inside the chalet because I was dumb." >_<

Fortunately, everything went without a hitch!

By the way, this photo-shoot was a prime example of dressing up for the photos and videos. I think this all lasted no more than 30 minutes.. after which I changed right back into my comfy clothes. :-P

My friends actually suggested that I should have brought something ridiculous with me as well, like a very short mini-dress and strappy heels, though I did not. Do you think I should have? ;-)

My friend who doing the photography didn't mind taking some video clips as well.. so yay!