Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chilling in Rotterdam (literally too)


So yeah, technically.. the weather has improved over here in the Netherlands.. but it's still freakin' cold! :-P

You all know I love bare legs, but that's just not possible yet. Fortunately, there is a great solution: tights and boots.. especially over-the-knee boots!

During this weekend, I decided to not go too far away and just walk around in Rotterdam. It was super sunny, but sooo cold that there was even some snow lying around.

The theme of this outfit is tartan.. and I especially love my cute little bag. It's a make-up bag, but I decided to use it as normal bag. I wonder if that was why I was getting strange looks. ;-)

I have been very busy with work.. and perhaps that sounds negative, but I'm actually enjoying all the things I get to do. Of course, it's still very nice to occasionally take a few steps back.. sit on a bench.. and relax. All while dressed up, of course!

And as you can see, I'm still a very well balanced person! Hah.. see what I did there?! :-D

And obviously, I still don't take myself too seriously.. still very grounded in reality.

As of now, I will be posting more regularly now! ;-)

Enjoy the new video!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Snowboarding in Austria


In my last post, I mentioned that I expected the weather to improve during the weekends and it sure did! I asked my friends if they were available and as soon as the 'yes' came in.. I started collecting some of the dresses, shoes, etc. I accumulated during the winter! So yes, fashion-wise... 2016 has now finally started! :-D

I'm still working on all the material of last weekend, so this post will be about something non-fashion related: my most recent snowboarding trip.. to Austria this time.

All these photos were taken with my smart-phone.. and you can clearly see that in terms of weather.. it looked magical. Being above the clouds is such an indescribable feeling!

I'm a snowboarder.. so usually, this is the view when I'm looking down the slopes: my boots, my snowboard, the mountains and all the white goodness that is snow. No high heels on those boots because that would snowboarding quite the challenge! :-P

Also, check out the view from our hotel room! In the morning, it would be all white because it had been snowing all night.. and then after a long day of sun, the view turned green. All in less than 12 hours!

Again, it was a great trip, with some of the best snow conditions I've had in many years!

Some people go out to bars and clubs every weekend spending hundreds of euros per month. While I do go out occasionally, I'd rather save up the money and go snowboarding twice a year.... that's the luxury I allow myself to have. Apart from the shoes, of course. ;-)

So, starting next week, new outfits, new video clips... yay!