Monday, August 18, 2014

Tassia in the UK - another golden dress: the sequel!

During my UK holiday trip, in Southampton, I bought a five-pound golden dress.. and I wrote about it a few posts ago.

And now.. there is another post featuring a different golden dress. A sequel, if you will.. but if you want to get all technical about it.. I was wearing this golden dress in Bath before I went to Southampton. So, we're really talking about a prequel.. but hopefully of better quality than the Star Wars prequels. :-P

This dress was actually the reason for me to start looking for a golden dress, since this is not my dress. It belongs to my friend who took the Bath/Somerset countryside photos. She's not a dress person, but she is in a musical group and when they perform, she wears this. You know,.. now that I think about it, I do have a lot of friends who roughly wear the same size clothes that I do. :D

Obviously, I don't behave like a vain model who needs everything done for her.. at least not all the time! I help around in the kitchen and I can still remember the wonderful meal we cooked up! I did wear an apron because it's not nice to ruin someone else's dress. :P

After the meal, we went outside again.. enjoying the last bit of sun. Again, if you look at all my UK holiday photos, you will notice how lucky I've been with the weather! The moments of rain I encountered during this two-week holiday could be counted on one hand. I like the shot above a lot.. perhaps not a proper shot from a technical photographic point of view, but the halo effect of the sun looks cool!

One of the cool things about these sequinned dresses is the glittery effect when the sun is shining and the reflections they give off. I will finish this short post with a pic of me in my patented one-leg-stand-and-the-fish-was-that-big pose. Life is always better when it's not taken too seriously. :)

No filming in the UK.. I couldn't put my hosts over there through that. So, enjoy the video of me in the short short dress.. and see ya next time! :)

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