Friday, August 8, 2014

Tassia in the UK - Sauntering in Somerset county

Sometimes, you plan to have a great weekend.. dressing up, visiting friends, going to not just one.. but two parties. And then, you wake up on Friday morning and BAM.. your body decides you're going to have a small fever. Nothing too serious, but enough to make you not get in a car and drive halfway across the country. :(

So, Friday evening.. and no internet at home (thanks for mobile internet and hotspots). Next best thing to dresses and heels.. is writing about it and posting pics. And with that.. comes the latest episode of my UK holiday series. Only a few more and it's time to go on the next holiday. :P

Before heading to Southampton, I spent a few days in Bath visiting a friend.. and during those days, we also went into the beautiful countryside of Somerset. Obviously, I did the practical thing.. and wore a cute LBD and some heels!

Now, about these heels.. they are awesome! 4 inches, ankle strap, very comfortable and they cost me 25 euros. The kicker.. I have had them over 5 years. These are my go-to heels whenever I know I need to walk for long distances. It doesn't matter where I go on holiday.. this pair is always there!

I just love the green country side and the picturesque houses and gardens in England. And if you're wearing a red leather jacket.. that colour sticks out against the green.. and I mean that in a nice way. :)

We were driving around admiring the countryside.. and taking pics whenever there was a nice view. Almost felt bad about not bringing along extra dresses... but the goal of this day-trip was about chilling and sight-seeing.. not about modelling even though I did a lot of posing! :P

With my mobile internet connection, I'm not going to upload my latest video, so that will have to wait until Wednesday. Thus, I leave you all with the latest two videos. See ya next time! :)


  1. These photo's of you in Somerset are just picture perfect in every way, classy, sophisticated and just a little sexy xx

  2. Natassia in Black with beautiful countryside, it doesn't get much better than that :)