Monday, January 15, 2018

At the beach in a studded denim dress and pink heels


First new post of 2018! One month since my last post in December.. and I guess my resolution to post more often is not going too well! :-P

Which reminds me, renew gym membership!

Anyway, most of you know that when it comes to dressing up and going outside to have photos/videos taken, the winter is not my best time! So here's a dress that I wore during last summer while visiting the beach.

I love this dress so much.. it's short, it's the right shade of blue.. and it's shiny! :-D

Even though I love boots.. especially the over-the-knee kind, these kind of strappy heels are a big part of the reason I'm such a fan of the spring and summer!! ;-)

I went to the beach with a couple of friends who graciously helped me with my photos and videos! And before you ask.. no, I did not walk in the sand with my heels! :-P

I love staring into the sea.. it brings up feelings of adventure. Though I don't think I would be pirate material. Not that I would turn down a role in Pirates of the Caribbean!

So, this beach was in Hoek van Holland from which you can take the ferry to England. Apparently, it's not even 9000 km Shanghai. I'd rather take the plane though.

Nothing beats the feeling of having the wind blow through your hair! :-D

 I hope everyone had a great start in 2018!

So yeah, filming at the beach, without a proper microphone equipped with a dead cat to remove the noise.. a challenge! I hope you still like the video though!


  1. you are presenting sensational 💞😍
    the pins are wonderful
    the dress is also beautiful 😍

  2. The dress is absolutely fabulous! The heels are beautiful as well! Have a wonderful week!

  3. I am impressed by this successful outfit! <3

  4. So lovely. Thanks for sharing your outfit look!
    Tell me, what is your favorite style tip?

    Alexandra| 2018 Spring Trend: Office Outfit Ideas

  5. Gosh, that denim dress is so cute on you! x

    Ann-Marie |

  6. Wow, you look amazing with studded denim dress and the contrast color heels. Love the vibe though <3


  7. You look amazing in this dress Honey!:)

  8. Ohh, that denim dress is so cute! And the style just hugs your body perfectly. I can totally relate to the difficulty of getting outfit shoots done in winter ;) It's either too dark outside, too cold or I just can't be bothered... because of the cold, haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Christina |