Thursday, November 27, 2014

To dot or not to dot.. that's the question

This will be another one of those drive-by short blog-posts, since all of the pictures in this set are a bit similar. The winter is getting an early start and especially in the morning.. it's just to freaking freezing cold!

And yeah, I enjoy being warm.. so these months most of my pictures will be indoor,.. unless I go on a tropical holiday! :)

So, this photo-shoot is me in yet another variation of a little black dress, but today.. that's not the point of this post.

Today it's about legs! You all know that when I'm wearing dresses or skirts, I usually go with bare legs. But sometimes I do wear tights.. and as we have established in the previous post.. I love dots, so I was happy as a child when I found these dotted tights! :-D

I get a lot of compliments for my legs, even though in my opinion.. they're far from flawless! They've seen their fair share of scratches and bruises from martial arts and falling off of my bicycle. And there are quite a few scars to prove it. :-P

I do have a few leggings, tights and hosiery in my collection. Mostly, I'm practical about wearing them.. usually when it's either too cold to go with bare legs.. or when I am too lazy to shave them legs. :-P

The heels are cute black t-strap pumps with a 5 inch heel, very cheap from one of the discount shoe stores over here in the Netherlands. While I still want a pair of Louboutins, I'm not above cheap shoes.. especially if they fit and walk perfectly!

Anyway, what's your opinion? With or with tights?

You know I can't be serious *all* the time! :-P

Working on the next bunch of videos, so enjoy the last two!


  1. love the lbd!!!!
    nice attitude girl :)

  2. you have such sexy legs! i also am a huge fan of tights but i honestly think you look fantastic either way! i would say it is an option each time you wear that outfit and if you feel in the mood for tights, then wear them. if not, you will still look dazzling!