Monday, November 3, 2014

Purple craziness

Hi all!

If it were up to me, I'd have updates every few days. But yeah.. life is super crazy right now.. good, bad, mostly just incredibly stressful and busy. If I ever feel like it, I might blog about it.. but who wants to read about first-world problems when there are people with serious problems, right?

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing in construction yard

So, when life is crazy.. I say, do something crazy in return! So.. wear a very pretty dress fit for a prom or wedding party and go to a construction yard! :-P 

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, construction yard, orange truck

Now, I do think that the purple dress clashes with the orange/red of the big truck, but I'm really digging the contrast of the masculine construction stuff and the feminine dress and heels. :)

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, in front of truck

I wonder if there are any laws or safety regulations to driving such a truck in high heels. I do know Weird Al Yankovic has a song about it. Just Google it! :-D

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing at school

Of course, I didn't just stay at the construction yard. Just like one of the previous dresses, this is a dress perfect for a school or university prom. So we took this photo-shoot to the stairs of a university building and shot some pics there as well.

Don't ask me how I got on the guard rail! :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside adjusting the dress

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I have not been blessed when it comes to my bust measurements.. so this dress was sliding down all the time. Ah.. another one of those first-world problems. :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys, long purple dress, outside posing late at night

Of course, a pretty dress like this deserves to be "taped" on video! I do like how the wind plays with the dress! Again, nothing really too special apart from me walking and standing around, nevertheless.. enjoy! :)


  1. I just started following your blog and want to tell you how much I like it. You look wonderful and I love your cute photos and fun sense of humor. Looking forward to catching up on your old posts and seeing more new ones.

    All the best.


    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment and compliments! :)

      I hope you enjoy my older posts.. should be a quick read as I haven't been blogging for that long! :)

  2. you just wowed me with your silly and awesome antics! you look so amazing, natassia!