Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colourful dresses - part 3 - blue (not feeling blue though)

In the video with the coloured dresses, I showed three of them. We already had two of them, so logic dictates that there's still one left to show and then that's it! Don't worry, I will still be wearing coloured dresses or sharing them here, but variety is the spice of life.. and she who controls the spice, controls the galaxy, far far away!

This dress is really what I consider a happy summer dress. Probably a bit too sweet and cute for a hip party in the city where you know half of the people are snobbily holding their drinks,.. but ideal for an outside brunch on a sunny day! :)

This one is from Dorothy Perkins and I ordered it on-line few years ago. The only thing I really need is a cute and matching belt to give it a bit of shape. It can be worn without a belt (click here to check out that outfit), but I do like the positive effect it has on my waist that way.

No surprise with the shoes.. my 5 inch high heels black pumps from Paula Soler again! No way you'll be seeing me wearing ballet flats, even though they would look cute with this dress.

You can see in the photo that I just wanted to show the dress and not that I was going to wear it for the dress of that day. It really got super cold and by this time, I was ready to get back in the house.. change back in my comfy warm clothes. If I actually had a fireplace, I would have spent the rest of the day warming myself at the fire. :-P

Last time I'll be bothering you with this video!

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